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Financial Freedom


I recently did an interview with a friend, client and partner of mine Josh Hayward. He asked me about the upcoming Creator’s Code program “Financial Freedom”.  Josh then put it together into an OUTSTANDING 4 part video series.

Check it out HERE

When you click the link you’ll get instant access to all of the videos where you
will learn the 3 fundamental pillars to creating Financial Freedom.

This complimentary video series is packed with information and training that will empower you to take your financial world to the next level.

Click Here To Get The Videos Now!

These fundamental work, they have worked for me, they will work for you.

Looking forward to serving you.

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What Happens in The Gift?

You KNOW You Want To!

You KNOW You Want To!

Lately I have been really thinking deeply about how to better communicate the value of The Gift.  It is one of the most personal and intimate experiences in the universe, the exploration of us as individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and evolution.

So to help communicate the breadth and depth of the process i decided to use the notes of thanks and gratitude to begin to explore what people create by participating in The Gift.
There are a multitude of specific results that graduates have created from saving marriages, to selling everything buying a sailboat and traveling the world, to making millions, to coming “out” to family and friends, launching businesses, starting bands…you name it.  the specific stories are powerful and inspiring.

There is a golden thread that runs through all of the stories and the work that The Creator’s Code does.  This golden thread is speaks to the very core of what it means to be a human being.
This thread is made up of a multitude of finer strands each woven together leads to 3 key ways of BEING.

The first is an ongoing process of discovery and (re)claiming of self
The second is the courage to risk, that which once stops people not longer does
The third is greater presence and engagement in life instead of going 60 or 80% of capacity grads dedicate themselves to Consciously CREATE!!
In short:


Here is an example.

A few years ago, a man came into The Gift with a significant to sever stutter.
Imagine this as a difficulty in your life, there more stressed you get, the more important it is to communicate…the more difficult it becomes.  At times to the point of not possible.

To aggravate the situation further imagine the frustration of KNOWING that there are times that you do not stutter at all. times when you can speak fluently and eloquently with ease….just not now.

For context it is important to note that one of the GREATEST fears that human beings have is public speaking, consider how that would be magnified if you had a sever stutter.

In The Gift Don threw himself into the process, participated in everything with energy and dedication, in so doing he discovered and claimed parts of himself that had laid dormant for years, the power of play, his sense of humor and how much he deeply cared for people.

Through this process, magic happened his willingness to risk grew exponentially he developed COURAGE, his attachment and concern to others judgments, his fear of failure diminished to the degree that he spoke in front of the large group multiple times  and at times had great difficulty communicating what he wanted to say…yet he stood clear grounded and powerful in his intention to communicate who he is and what is most important to him.  He was a powerful role model and leader in his course.

This is note that Don sent me recently, it brought a smile to my face. I remembered vividly him standing up in front of 50 people struggling to make himself heard.


“Hi Jay, it has been awhile since I chatted with you. This morning when I was speaking in Toastmasters Club, I was thinking that my life has changed since the Personal Best program. The journey since then has been incredible. I have just qualified for the Triple Crown award for this year. I have competed in 2 speech contests, and have won all the way to the division level. I am preparing for the speech contest again in March. I have been so blessed to have you and another mentor/coach.”

Now I can see him clearly in front of a room presenting at toastmasters.  Clearly claiming his power, being courageous and creating the life he desires and deserves.

Don I am proud of you and happy for you!

Thanks for sending me the note.

With love and deep respect for you and your journey.
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PS: To find out how The Gift can support you to create what is most important, email now and book your complimentary one on one discovery session.

Are You Creating More Than You Consume?


I Create More Than I Consume Pillar 2 of The Creator’s Code 

Our focus on taking care of our finances and entrepreneurship (Pillar 12) continues!
Yesterday the Millionaire Makeover with Loral Langemeier was outstanding! For me there
were many takeaways that were simple…yet I forget, thanks Loral for the powerful reminders!
  1. Do not let myself get sucked into the details of life, cooking. cleaning, maintenance, these activities COST ME MONEY, growth for my business becomes a time issue, protect my time to CREATE with vigilance!  NOTE: I really do love cutting the lawn, I will keep that one ; )
  2. Focus on the quality of my Joint Venture partners, there are literally hundreds of people who I like, who can create GREAT value for my clients 
  3. and tribe, BUT not all of them are really READY as one of my partners posted a few days ago “what if the big fish came looking for you, while you were busy fishing for minnows?” Thanks Lisa Cherny (who is one of the amazing guests on the Success Tsunami Summit that starts on Monday check her out!
  4. The power of a small sale.  There is so much more to say about this but
    uffice it to say as part of a larger well designed system, small sales can ROCK!
  5. Loral took an Idea that I have been passionate about for many years RGA’s Revenue Generating Activities and called them Revenue Generating DAYS!  That may not seem like much to you but it is a SIGNIFICANT contextual shift for me!
Other fantastic news about the event is that Loral has decided to run her course “3 Days to Cash” here in Alberta, which is outstanding, no travel to attend it is May 1 – 3 and it is outstanding, if you can’t tell I am more than a little thrilled to be joint venturing with Loral and her organization.
I also want to apologize for the funky google hangout, we had SEVERAL issues which I will not bore you with the details.
There is an excellent upside to tech troubles Loral has agreed to honor the in room special price  of $750 per person AND you can bring a teen with you for that price  which is like $375 per person!! If you even remotely do the work in the weekend you will far exceed your investment!
If you want to catch parts of the amazing presentation, (parts of the broadcast worked really well, once we figured out the issues) you can watch and get a taste of what a Millionaire Makeover really is.  Enjoy!
So what else is coming up that will support you to MASTER your finances and Create More Than You Consume?
I am so glad you asked!  We have 2 more events that will really support you one of them is local here in Calgary the other online.
1) Online, as ANYONE can access it!
The Success Tsunami Summit  STARTING MONDAY MORNING at 10 AM!!
This is a summit that I co created with my friends Ronnie Tsunami and Joe Pei.  The summit will help you with next level tribe building and lead generation strategies for coaches and consultants.
Focusing on 5 key aspects that will create a Tsunami of leads and sales in your business!
1. Define Business
2. Build Credibility
3. Increase Visibility
4. Capture Leads
5. Generate Sales
This collection of experts will create momentum in your business NOW!!
2) Live event in Calgary, Tuesday February 18th my friend Colin Sprake is leading his “MASTERING YOUR BUSINESS FOR MAXIMUM PROFIT & SUCCESS” evening.
Colin is a brilliant man and he has created one of the most comprehensive business building programs I have ever seen.  It covers it all, it has long term support, it is lead by a man who walks his talk and has built and sold many multi million dollar businesses.
This is a SUPER SIMPLE, if you have a  business or want to start a business, you need to meet Colin and find out how he can support you and your business to grow.
To reserve you seat visit this address and input the code 9494
We are only 1/2 way through February, MUCH more Conscious Creation to come!
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The Cheat Sheet for Human Motivation

Here is a brief video about the upcoming weekend program “Insight into Leadership”

Your ability to SEE and IDENTIFY what is really going on for you and other people will amaze you!

Check it out!

Clear, Complete and CREATE!

shapeitClear, Complete and CREATE!

Say it 3 times in a row, it is a great mantra!  Not only that is has a good beat and is easy to dance to ; )

I have had one of the best 1/4’s of life!  The past 90 days have been utterly and completely amazing/

A fb post I made said “thrilled, stunned, and relieved“. at completing 3 major projects that have been 3 +/- years in process.

As most things go I did not realize the weight, significance, and ENERGY that these projects (which we were making progress on….SLOWLY) were consuming.  It is only in their completion and absence that I can truly notice the difference.  I imagine not so different than the frog in the hot water, not noticing the difference in temperature until he is out of the water. Right now I am really noticing… appreciation, pride, gratitude, support and I feel the opening of vision, leverage, strategy and contribution.

It is a fascinating pattern for me, this process of consistently biting off more than I can chew and settling into finding or better put creating a way to complete what I set out to be or do.  On one had it is an almost magical strength of mine and on the other hand I a know that there are easier, smoother ways,  The dichotomy of the previous statements is not lost upon me.

In these moments of completion before I embark on the cycle of CREATION again, I pledge the following:

1) I accept that my desire to create is a double edged sword, if feeds and fuels my passion and engagement in life, it also can pull me off purpose when I get lost in the mechanics and too focused on “Getting SHIT DONE!”

2) The key to balancing greater contribution, enjoyment and PRESENCE is support.  Not half assed support, not good intentioned support, not convenient support, but strategic, professional, ROCK STAR support!  A quick shout out to my unicorn Tara, my brilliant rock star support that has been key in completing these major projects.  Thank you!!

3) Find and invest in groups and communities where I am “the dumbest guy in the room”  another way of saying this is spend time and invest in relationships with the people and organizations that have the greatest power and influence to support my mission and vision.

I had the privilege of being with a group of amazing people at ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) last weekend and out of the entire weekend of outstanding and amazing content and conversations the statement from Yakov Smirnoff answering the questions of how did he become so successful so fast after immigrating to the US.  “and of course the power of proximity”  He had a long list of what he did and then added “the power of proximity” at the end as if to say and none of that would really have mattered if I had not placed myself in the “right spot”.  Hmmmm

So regardless of where you are in the cycle of Clear, Complete CREATE, I promise you that there is strategy, support and leverage that can make a monument difference.  To support you in that process I am giving you a give of a webinar that is the introduction of a coaching program I offer of the same name.

Clear, Complete and CREATE Overview!

Enjoy the webinar!