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End of an Era…Beginning of a Movement!

ImageWell tonight we have an auspicious event.

It is the last event in our building in Calgary Alberta.

This building has amazing memories…not just for me but for the thousands of people who had awakenings, transformations and relationships that were created in this space.

It seems quite perfect that we are on Pillar 5 of the Creator’s Code “I live a life of abundance, generosity and celebration” and tonight we get to celebrate the events, experiences and results of the past 20 years.  So if you are in the area come by tonight to enjoy some wine, cheese, old friends, new friends and share what YOU created in “the building”.

If you spent time in that building what did you experience?

  • Found the love of your life
  • Let go of old limiting beliefs
  • Met life long friends
  • Healed old wounds
  • Learned to own your power
  • Created a vision for what your life would become

Out of the many life altering experiences for me the top three have to be:

1) Buying the building in 1992 and then having the financing fall apart and spending two years plus, half a step ahead of bankruptcy…now that was a learning experience!  I will tell that whole story tonight.

Wyatt Home

2) Creating my ideal vision of my life that I wrote about years before a place to live and work that fed my soul, supported my lifestyle and was a sanctuary for Cory and I.
3) Bringing Wyatt home…I will never forget that day.

In the last couple of weeks we have been getting a ton of emails and calls asking about what is next for Personal Best as they are not familiar with The Creator’s Code and all that we have been developing.

So here is the “brief” run down of what is coming next.

Personal Best has evolved into “The Creator’s Code” and we are focusing our energy on creating a global movement of conscious creators. Of course we will remain a strong presence in Calgary and Alberta as we always have and in addition we are delivering our programs all over North America and in the next 12 months the world.  In the last year we have been delivering programs and content in Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and of course here is Alberta, this is simply the natural evolution of our business shifting from a regional company to a global company.

It does mean that the seminars will not be held as regularly in Alberta as they used to be however there will be even MORE of a face to face on the ground presence with Creation Circles.  Creation Circles are professional lead personal development/mastermind/support groups that focus on living and applying the 12 pillars of The Creator’s Code.

Our primary business in the next 5 years is training and supporting existing coaches and trainers to become Creation Circle Leaders and supporting people face to face in their communities to live the pillars.

In addition we designed an amazing amount of online content and support that extends and expands our reach significantly.

Check out the following:

Our new site

A webinar where you can invite a friend for free (if you have a free ticket)

The 3 M’s of Conscious Creation

We are on a new and unique path one that will be full of twists turns I am sure.  I am excited to step into this brave new online world, reach a much broader audience and support coaches and trainers to create freedom and contribution.

If conscious creation appeals to you, then come and join our movement!

Light and love

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Is Wayne Dyer Really a Sex Maniac?

Does This Man Look Like a Sex Maniac to You?

Given that Personal Best is sponsoring the upcoming Wayne Dyer event in Calgary on May 17th 2011, I thought that I would share an embarrassing tidbit from my past, and how Wayne Dyer had huge (if unintended) impact on me, my life and my career.

Imagine me about 1980, 13 years old, fascinated by anything and everything sex. For perspective Oprah had a expert that says that males have an image or thought about sex or sexual stimulation every three seconds. Now I know that many people that that is an exaggeration, however I think for me as a teenage boy it was a gross underestimation…perhaps they just said it wrong, it was supposed to be 3 times a second. Now that is getting closer to the truth, but I digress.

I am 13 years old and in my Mom’s bedroom and and there I see on her bedside table a SEX book! Now I should tell you that my family has always been very open about sex and sexuality and that her leaving a book about sex out was well within the realm of possible.

It’s title was even perfectly clear “Your Erogenous Zones” and it was complete with a picture of a sex maniac who had clearly just been left very satisfied!

Well obviously I HAD to read this book it was going to tell me all I needed to know about the hidden erotic and sexy spots that every 13 year old boy on a mission needed to know.

As open as my family was about sex, I did not feel right asking to borrow the book, so I took to going into my mom’s room while she was at work and reading “Your Erogenous Zones” sitting on the floor hidden by the bed so I could quickly replace the book on her bedside table and get out of her room when I heard her come home.

At the time I considered myself a pretty smart kid, but I must tell you that I was more than a little confused by this book. Where were the sexy parts? What are the locations of the female body that drive them wild? It must be in here…somewhere. So I keep reading and reading and reading and reading. I cannot tell you the number of times I looked at the cover, reread the title and looked into the freshly satisfied sex maniac’s face, each time thinking “well the sex stuff has to be in here somewhere”.

In the entire book I can honestly say I learned nothing about sex. However I did learn quite alot about what motivates me and other people, and it did help me navigate my teen years, my parents divorce and dare I say even helped me get laid ; ) I will be forever grateful to Wayne for planting seeds that germinated and sprouted 5 years later when I took Personal Best Seminars and ultimately influenced my career path, Thank you Wayne!

If only I was as interested in the dictionary when I was 13, I could have simply looked up the word erroneous and saved myself plenty of reading and I could have spent all that time chasing girls!

On a serious note, Wayne has been a thought leader for over 35 years, it is a privilege to be in his presence and hear him speak. Get your tickets at and save 10% using our code PERSONALBEST

PS: When I talk to him at the VIP session I am going to ask him for some sex tips, he has got to have some, look at that picture!


Book Excerpt “How Did You Learn To Blame?”

What You Resist Persists

One of the immutable laws of the universe is that you get more of whatever you focus on or give energy to. If you think hard about how you don’t want to be victimized, you can actually attract victim experiences into your life!

Your brain or belief system doesn’t hear or register the negative words like “don’t”. Try telling yourself, Don’t think of a red car.” An image of a red car will flash in your mind. So, by saying, “I don’t want any more victim experiences,” you are actually giving victim experiences energy and you will attract more of them into your life.

Notice what you are resisting. This is the foundation of becoming more conscious in your life. (NOTE: If you have not read Law of Attraction by Michael Losier, I highly recommend it as one of the clearest and simplest explanations of how what you resist persists works.)


Societies Are Based on Victimization
Society teaches us to be victimized. We have been taught that deciding who is responsible is essential, and that, whatever goes wrong, there is someone some-where to blame and even to sue. Our whole legal system is founded on this concept.
I challenge you to watch or listen to one complete newscast and not hear directly or indirectly that some-one or something is to blame for the woes described. There is a talk radio host in Calgary who regularly asks his woe-of-the-day guest, “Who is to blame for your problem?” or, even better, “Who can we blame?” In-variably, the Victim has a long list. To be fair, this same host also asks what can be done to fix the problem. However, usually much more time and energy is spent on directing blame than on resolving the issues.


Our society has become skilled in establishing blame (victimization), often from the moment of conception:

  • She didn’t take her pills.
  • The condom broke.
  • I couldn’t interrupt the mood.
  • She trapped me.

And, all too often, it continues from there. In fact, one could argue that blame and victimization have sur-rounded us virtually from the beginning of history.


Genesis 3:11
And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day; and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, “Where art thou?” And he said, “I heard Thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” And He said, “Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou should not eat?


This direct questioning by the Lord appears to have made our first parents very uneasy. Adam could have offered any number of reasons or excuses why he took the fruit. He could have said, Gee, the sun was in my eyes, so I couldn’t see what I was eating Or possibly a modern-day Adam would offer this justification: Sure I took a bite, but I didn’t swallow.


What would I expect Adam to say to this man who walked and talked with God, someone who held the honored position of being the first human on earth? I wish he had said, “I was wrong. I’m sorry. I will never do it again.”


Instead, listen to Adam’s immediate response, “The woman thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree. Adam is rationalizing his sinful behavior, trying to shift the responsibility to his wife, Eve. At this point, Eve has an opportunity to be a better human than Adam. However, her response to the same questioning is, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. Pretty lame. The ten-dency of mortals to deny Personal Accountability seems to be evident from the very beginning.


Here is an interesting example of modern-day learning to blame. Close friends of ours have three kids. The middle child, Luke, is full of piss and vinegar like most boys. Luke loves skateboarding and gets a skate-board at the ripe old age of three. His Mom, however, is not quite as keen about the skateboard, because she is concerned that Luke will hurt himself. So she sits him down and talks to him about the dangers of skateboarding, reviews all of the safety equipment, and makes him promise to be careful. All is good up to this point. Then the inevitable happens. Luke has a dirty wipeout and scrapes up his face. He doesn’t cry and doesn’t run to tell his Mom because he knows that she will be even less willing to let him continue skateboarding. But Mom has witnessed the wipeout. Later that day, Mom asks Luke what happened to his face. His answer floors her.


To cover up his skateboarding drama, Luke decides that it is better to say that his older sister hit him! He has grown up in an honest and accountable house-hold, yet, at age three, he has already figured out that blaming someone else for his mishaps can provide him with a payoff and a protection. In this case, it did not work, but it does often enough in general, and he was sure willing to try.


Activity Learning to Blame
How did you learn to blame? What is your earliest recollection of blaming someone else? Were there any specific people or events that set up your patterns of blame? To learn more about Personal Accountability visit:

Our New Family Pic!

I have not been posting much as of late because our summer has been totally nuts. In June I stepped back into Personal Best on a full time ++ basis, in July our new little man came home Jaxson Levi Fiset and in August Cory’s dad Joe went into the hospital and passed away on Sept 4th. Here is the new family pic. I will be back to regular posts shortly.

Wyatt Catching Air!

On our last trip to Blackfoot, Wyatt has demonstrated that he makes quantum improvements every time he is on his bike.  Aunty Lynn and G’ma were there so he has some fans!

I am so impressed with his abilities, next spring I will get a bike as well so we can go riding together, it will be a blast.