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I Blew It…Again!!


I make mistakes,,,,
I make a lot of mistakes….
I may well make more mistakes than anyone I know…
In fact in a discussion with a friend and Creator’s Code Team member we were discussing my willingness to make mistakes and after talking awhile he said something like this “I want to give you a compliment, you are totally the most successful failure I know!” and we both burst out laughing and I responded with a heart felt thank you.
I am USUALLY quite fine with my mistakes, I GENERALLY do not get to worked up about my mistakes.
But not this time.
Because I got attached, I wanted to be right, I KNEW IN MY BONES it could work and damn it I was going to prove it!
Does this sound vaguely familiar to you?
Maybe it can work, maybe it just needs tweaking and adjusting but the most important thing is the honest and truthful assessment that AS IT IS, it is not working right now.
Let me give you a few details and this will make more sense.
One of the Creations that I have been MOST PROUD of in my life is the business model I designed a couple of years ago for Creation Circle Leaders.  Which in short is a way for coaches  to step up to a group coaching model using The Creator’s Code content and business systems and the KEY IDEA was that Creation Circle Leaders and Creation Circle Members who get fundamentally free seats into “The Gift” would give their free tickets away, generate referrals and fill The Gift with great ease and joy!
In concept it sounds simple and common sense enough, and in practice it did work…a bit but only a fraction of what I had hoped for and an even smaller fraction of what was possible.
All of which would have been fine IF and it is an exceptionally big


I had not stopped doing all of what we were doing before that worked so well.
I was so sure that this was THE WAY, that I left what was working, and even worse because I was attached I did not correct the mistake for far too long!  Instead i compensated by working more, taking on more personal clients, traveling more to deliver courses that in terms of numbers were not to the standard that I had previously declared, and I tried to cut costs instead of increase value…
The cost has been far to high, it has taken a toll on my health, time with kids, finances, inconsistent date nights with my amazing wife Cory, missing details because I got too busy.
Can you relate, have you ever gotten stuck in a whirlwind of compensation for something that you were attached to that was not working?  Job, relationship, friendships, agreements and obligations that no longer serve you?  It happens to us all, I would wager that right now in your life there is something that is not working something that is unsustainable yet you are burning time, energy, money and resources to keep it in your life.
Well the great news is this, consistent with pillar 3 of The Creator’s Code “I support Sustainability and vote consistently with all my resources” I am not just acknowledging my mistake, I am making a commitment to getting back to what has always supported our community and The Creator’s Code the most, and that is one on one coaching, one on one attention and VALUE!
What we are doing is offering FREE Creation Acceleration Coaching Sessions, yes free, yes one on one. I want to give one of these outstanding sessions to YOU!
Please understand that there are limited spots based on time and number of coaches and we must do this around our very packed program delivery schedule.  So ACT FAST!
Note: You may have already seen the email that lance sent offering the first 10 free sessions, well those  were filled in a few minutes after he sent the email. So we are going to set up another round…I believe this will go as fast as the others so apply FAST!
What will you get out of a Creation Acceleration Session?
You will be HEARD, you will get unstuck, you will BEND TIME, You will Commit to yourself and what is most important for you to create.
So let my lesson from my most significant mistake in a long time be the launch pad for you to let go of what is not working, redirect your energy and CREATE a new chapter in your life!
Learning with you.
I am off to go skiing with the family…see how fast a shift can occur : )
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Is It Possible Our Society is Addicted to Wealth?

pillar03postcardGiven that the Creator’s Code is focusing on Pillar 3 “I Support Sustainability” I was totally fascinated when attending the latest meeting of The Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal, a young man named Sam Polk began to speak.

Sam is an unassuming man with an astounding story.  Humble beginnings, family drama and a POWERFUL desire as a young man to buy his happiness.  We all know how that turns out, but few of us have the courage (or opportunity) to literally walk away from millions!

Take 5 minutes to read his op-ed  article in the NY Times.  It is a powerful message of what drives us to attempt to live in unsustainable ways and Sam is a exemplary role model of what we can do about it!

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I know, I know, last minute preparations, gifts, family calls, play dates for kids, cleaning up things that MUST be done in 2013.  It can be difficult to raise our heads and create REAL VISION for our lives in the upcoming year.

So I have a gift for you, one of the most important in the universe:

  • Time for YOU
  • Time to evaluate the year that has just been
  • Time to CONSCIOUSLY set intention and create vision for your next year
  • Time to interpret and apply the key lessons of your life
  • Time to make sure that those recurring patterns that you are done with DO NOT SHOW UP IN 2014!

This gift is a process that I have been doing each and every year for over 20 years and I know that is has been fundamental in increasing my willingness to risk, my willingness to  learn from my mistakes and REALLY leverage my wins.

The Annual Assessment..I know killer title, (my friend Kerrianne would totally make fun of me)  but don’t let the name fool you it is a powerful process that I view as one of the most important rituals of my life.

The key to me about this process is simple.

Most people relive and recreate the same fundamental experiences over and over and over again! The reason generally speaking is simply this we as human beings are not that good at actually learning from our past, and our unconscious embedded resistance patterns attract and recreate the same types of people, circumstances, situations and choices that we have been making for most of our lives.

The fundamental law of resistance is this: Resistance breeds resistance, What you resist persists, what you resist over time you become! Simply put until we deal with our resistance and the unconscious beliefs that trigger resistance we are trapped to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

My gift and invitation to  you here is a simple yet powerful process to actually learn from your experience of the past year and consciously APPLY those lessons to your life this year!

Truly learning from the past is one of the most powerful ways to break the patterns of resistance in our lives. So lets get to it!

This year I am doing a free seminar on google hangouts that will share the process. The event is on boxing day evening  and it steps you through each step and stage of my annual ritual.

Register here.

This process is powerful and it works. Take the time to make sure that 2014 is all that you want it to be. You deserve it!

PS: The Consciously Creating Christmas Contest is on now, $25,000 in prizes and it is super easy and fun to play!  Check it out here.

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Christmas Consumption or Conscious Creation?

Black Friday…Cyber Monday, not my favorite days of the year.

First big snowstorm in Calgary, actually most of Alberta, which is always one of my favorite days of the year.  I LOVE snow days!

Here is a great idea, instead of following the herd and shopping how about stay home, focus on you, your life and what you want to CREATE, for 2014 for your family and your world!

So we can up with a special offer for anyone who is dedicated to creating their BEST YEAR EVER in 2014!!

Check out the “12 Pillars of Creation Home Study Course” on special till Midnight tonight!

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The feedback from this program has been OUTSTANDING!

Scoot over to this page to see what people are saying.

To consciously creating your future!

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You Are Invited!

Well day one of The Conscious Creation Telesummit is DONE, Yahoo!!

It was really strong and you can listen to the summit intro and vision setting here.

The quality of content and the brilliant speakers will WOW you : )

If you want the recordings to fast track your creation and refer back to for the next year you can see our upgrades here.

Tomorrow is Pillar 2 ” I Create More Than I Consume”