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This video speaks to one of the drives that I have been witnessing in the classrooms at The Creator’s Code.  If this resonates with you and you want support in creating REAL CONNECTIONS in real time.  Check out our complimentary Creation Acceleration Coaching Sessions.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

I Blew It…Again!!


I make mistakes,,,,
I make a lot of mistakes….
I may well make more mistakes than anyone I know…
In fact in a discussion with a friend and Creator’s Code Team member we were discussing my willingness to make mistakes and after talking awhile he said something like this “I want to give you a compliment, you are totally the most successful failure I know!” and we both burst out laughing and I responded with a heart felt thank you.
I am USUALLY quite fine with my mistakes, I GENERALLY do not get to worked up about my mistakes.
But not this time.
Because I got attached, I wanted to be right, I KNEW IN MY BONES it could work and damn it I was going to prove it!
Does this sound vaguely familiar to you?
Maybe it can work, maybe it just needs tweaking and adjusting but the most important thing is the honest and truthful assessment that AS IT IS, it is not working right now.
Let me give you a few details and this will make more sense.
One of the Creations that I have been MOST PROUD of in my life is the business model I designed a couple of years ago for Creation Circle Leaders.  Which in short is a way for coaches  to step up to a group coaching model using The Creator’s Code content and business systems and the KEY IDEA was that Creation Circle Leaders and Creation Circle Members who get fundamentally free seats into “The Gift” would give their free tickets away, generate referrals and fill The Gift with great ease and joy!
In concept it sounds simple and common sense enough, and in practice it did work…a bit but only a fraction of what I had hoped for and an even smaller fraction of what was possible.
All of which would have been fine IF and it is an exceptionally big


I had not stopped doing all of what we were doing before that worked so well.
I was so sure that this was THE WAY, that I left what was working, and even worse because I was attached I did not correct the mistake for far too long!  Instead i compensated by working more, taking on more personal clients, traveling more to deliver courses that in terms of numbers were not to the standard that I had previously declared, and I tried to cut costs instead of increase value…
The cost has been far to high, it has taken a toll on my health, time with kids, finances, inconsistent date nights with my amazing wife Cory, missing details because I got too busy.
Can you relate, have you ever gotten stuck in a whirlwind of compensation for something that you were attached to that was not working?  Job, relationship, friendships, agreements and obligations that no longer serve you?  It happens to us all, I would wager that right now in your life there is something that is not working something that is unsustainable yet you are burning time, energy, money and resources to keep it in your life.
Well the great news is this, consistent with pillar 3 of The Creator’s Code “I support Sustainability and vote consistently with all my resources” I am not just acknowledging my mistake, I am making a commitment to getting back to what has always supported our community and The Creator’s Code the most, and that is one on one coaching, one on one attention and VALUE!
What we are doing is offering FREE Creation Acceleration Coaching Sessions, yes free, yes one on one. I want to give one of these outstanding sessions to YOU!
Please understand that there are limited spots based on time and number of coaches and we must do this around our very packed program delivery schedule.  So ACT FAST!
Note: You may have already seen the email that lance sent offering the first 10 free sessions, well those  were filled in a few minutes after he sent the email. So we are going to set up another round…I believe this will go as fast as the others so apply FAST!
What will you get out of a Creation Acceleration Session?
You will be HEARD, you will get unstuck, you will BEND TIME, You will Commit to yourself and what is most important for you to create.
So let my lesson from my most significant mistake in a long time be the launch pad for you to let go of what is not working, redirect your energy and CREATE a new chapter in your life!
Learning with you.
I am off to go skiing with the family…see how fast a shift can occur : )
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What Happens in The Gift?

You KNOW You Want To!

You KNOW You Want To!

Lately I have been really thinking deeply about how to better communicate the value of The Gift.  It is one of the most personal and intimate experiences in the universe, the exploration of us as individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and evolution.

So to help communicate the breadth and depth of the process i decided to use the notes of thanks and gratitude to begin to explore what people create by participating in The Gift.
There are a multitude of specific results that graduates have created from saving marriages, to selling everything buying a sailboat and traveling the world, to making millions, to coming “out” to family and friends, launching businesses, starting bands…you name it.  the specific stories are powerful and inspiring.

There is a golden thread that runs through all of the stories and the work that The Creator’s Code does.  This golden thread is speaks to the very core of what it means to be a human being.
This thread is made up of a multitude of finer strands each woven together leads to 3 key ways of BEING.

The first is an ongoing process of discovery and (re)claiming of self
The second is the courage to risk, that which once stops people not longer does
The third is greater presence and engagement in life instead of going 60 or 80% of capacity grads dedicate themselves to Consciously CREATE!!
In short:


Here is an example.

A few years ago, a man came into The Gift with a significant to sever stutter.
Imagine this as a difficulty in your life, there more stressed you get, the more important it is to communicate…the more difficult it becomes.  At times to the point of not possible.

To aggravate the situation further imagine the frustration of KNOWING that there are times that you do not stutter at all. times when you can speak fluently and eloquently with ease….just not now.

For context it is important to note that one of the GREATEST fears that human beings have is public speaking, consider how that would be magnified if you had a sever stutter.

In The Gift Don threw himself into the process, participated in everything with energy and dedication, in so doing he discovered and claimed parts of himself that had laid dormant for years, the power of play, his sense of humor and how much he deeply cared for people.

Through this process, magic happened his willingness to risk grew exponentially he developed COURAGE, his attachment and concern to others judgments, his fear of failure diminished to the degree that he spoke in front of the large group multiple times  and at times had great difficulty communicating what he wanted to say…yet he stood clear grounded and powerful in his intention to communicate who he is and what is most important to him.  He was a powerful role model and leader in his course.

This is note that Don sent me recently, it brought a smile to my face. I remembered vividly him standing up in front of 50 people struggling to make himself heard.


“Hi Jay, it has been awhile since I chatted with you. This morning when I was speaking in Toastmasters Club, I was thinking that my life has changed since the Personal Best program. The journey since then has been incredible. I have just qualified for the Triple Crown award for this year. I have competed in 2 speech contests, and have won all the way to the division level. I am preparing for the speech contest again in March. I have been so blessed to have you and another mentor/coach.”

Now I can see him clearly in front of a room presenting at toastmasters.  Clearly claiming his power, being courageous and creating the life he desires and deserves.

Don I am proud of you and happy for you!

Thanks for sending me the note.

With love and deep respect for you and your journey.
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PS: To find out how The Gift can support you to create what is most important, email now and book your complimentary one on one discovery session.

Millionaire Makeover

pocket-change-1Much has been made about the becoming a Millionaire, books have been written, programs have been designed, songs have hit the top 10, businesses have been created marketers have used it to entice the masses to spend their money. For most people it is a highly romanticized and distant dream of “if only”.


The truth is that the VAST MAJORITY of the developed world can and I will be so bold as to say SHOULD be Millionaires.  This is not the case, check out the number of millionaires in the richest countries in the world.  Lets be clear if we actually “GOT” the power of compound interest. $300 a month @ 6% for 48 years is over $1,000,000 most of North America spends more than that a month on coffee, make up, toys, interest and junk!

The real reason most people are not Millionaires is that they have been seduced into unconscious consumption instead of conscious CREATION!

If you are ready to join the ranks of Millionaire or add another number in front of your current 6  zeros (and lets be clear YOU DESERVE IT AND YOU CAN DO IT!) Join me and my friend Loral Langemeier The Millionaire Maker in Calgary tomorrow Feb 13th, 2014 for 3 hours that will change your financial destiny!

If you are outside of the Calgary you can still attend virtually using this link.

Want to know more about becoming a Millionaire? Wikipedia has some fascinating data on the subject.

Not sure what you would do with a Million dollars? Canada’s Bare Naked Ladies had a very comprehensive plan of what they would do if they had a Million dollars.

Join us, you and your family will be grateful that you did!

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A Month of Conscious Creation!

pillar02postcardOur Pillar this month!

I am really excited about February as I have collected a group of amazing people, experiences and offers that I believe will have HUGE contribution to you, your life and you capacity to CREATE!


As we all know I create more than I consume is a huge topic that applies to energy, relationships, love, money, value…quite literally EVERYTHING, it is a way of being and an approach to life.

This month we are going to focus on a particular aspect of creation and that is financial, entrepreneurship and wealth.  We are going to focus on this from the perspective of sustainability, right livelihood, living within our means and of course win/win.

There are many reason for this the primary reason is that this is my exclusive focus for  the month of February. The past couple of years I have been dedicated to recreating my business and structuring it to be more online friendly, what I have come to call “From Bricks and Mortar to Clicks for Cash”  it has been an amazing process that has given birth to a learning curve that has been unbelievably steep and product and content development that I am truly thrilled about and proud of.  That said for me to LIVE pillar 2 it is time to STOP developing and refining and dedicate myself to the execution and monetization of the new structure.

As I was preparing for this process it occurred to me that this process I am dedicated to is probably something that MANY people in The Creator’s Code Community could benefit from.  With that in mind we have put together a series of events, presentations and JV faculty that I have personally worked with and continue to do so that I believe will truly support you to CREATE MORE THAN YOU CONSUME!

The latest stats for North America is that the average person is spending 110% of their income!  This speaks to the core of the unsustainable consumption that we have become accustomed to…or more honestly conditioned to.

So if we are to really want to live pillar 2 we MUST create more than we consume in the area of money and finances.  With that in mind we have collected an OUTSTANDING line up to support you.

Here is the line up this month!

1)   Ryan Eliason founder of The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

2)   Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker

3)   Colin Sprake of Entrepreneurial Sherpa

4)   The Success Tsunami Summit

I will share a bit about each of these brilliant people.

Ryan is offering a series of free trainings from Feb 11th to Feb 25th and free replay’s thru to Feb 28th.  The training includes 5 webinars, 2 case studies and a fantastic training video.  Ryan’s grounding of support, education and contribution is an outstanding example of “creating more than he consumes” he is brilliant and you would be VERY wise to jump into his trainings and milk every ounce of value you can from him and his guests.   Be sure to get his new book “The Ten Best Ways To Get Paid For Changing The World, How To Make A Career Out of PROFOUND Service” (Cool title isn’t it!) and it is ALL about CREATING more than you CONSUME as a business practice.  Get your free copy of his book here.    

Then February 13

1450107_10202948665543648_1388887596_nWe have Loral Langemeire The Millionaire Maker coming and speaking for us from 9 am  – Noon.  This is an event you MUST attend.  Here are some hints, she has been on everything from The View, Oprah, and everything in between, the author of 5 NY times bestsellers and she is passionate and dedicated to helping you become a Millionaire and if you already are a MULTI Millionaire.  I have the pleasure of being a panelist with her at an event where we were both “Sharks” in a joint venture take off on the TV show “The Shark Tank” and we hit it off.  She has focus and dedication on the creation of cash that is mind boggling, even her course is called “3 days to CASH”.  As a member of The Creator’s Code community you can come and see her FREE but seats are VERY limited, we have not even started promoting the event to our list and we have had to get a larger room and it is already ½ full.  So get your seats fast!

Then February 18th

My friend and fellow Canadian Colin Sprake from Vancouver

  • Colin is speaking the evening of February 18th and he focuses on the support required to REALLY build a business. The presentation is called Mastering Your Business for Maximum Profit and Success  He is practical, smart and makes S*&t happen!  Long term support, face to face trainings and an eye for what works and what does not.  How to find new clients and retain the clients you already have
  • How to stop cold calling and really build effective relationships which take cold calling out of the picture
  • How to design WOW marketing materials to WOW not just your prospects but everyone who looks at those materials as well
  • Your WHY – why you do what you do and how to build truly authentic relationships
  • How to maximize profit in your business
  • How to build an extremely profitable million dollar + business in 12-24 months no matter what industry you’re in

Register here and use code 9494

Then we have the Success Tsunami Telesummit

This is an event that I am co hosting with my friend Ronnie Tsnuami, a fun and talented man who has MAD SKILLS!  This Summit steps you through the 5 steps of creating fantastic and powerful business.  Ronnie has the ability to get things done FAST AND POWERFULLY like a tsunami, and this is the focus of each step, what is the FASTEST MOST DIRECT path to results?  The collection of speakers is outstanding, some you will know like me, Loral Langemeier, Clint Black, another Creator’s Code graduate Lori Dean.  So jump in and prepare yourself to be swept away.  PS: Yes I know that some of the telesummit calls conflict with Ryan’s webinars BUT that is the beauty of technology, BOTH events will have recordings posted so you can juggle and do both. Get yourself registered here.  Hell just visit the link to watch the video that my friend Joe Pei did..he is GOOD!

One other bit of contribution and creation that I will dedicate myself to is blogging every week sharing how I am doing with my shift in focus (no more development, just execution and enrollment) and daily FB posts to help you keep on track as well.

So hold onto your hats, join me and The Creator’s Code community for a powerful consciousness altering month of rubber to the road, CREATING more than we CONSUME.

This is going to ROCK!

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