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Gord Downey & The Tragically Hip

Peimg_8537rhaps it is my age, perhaps it is my understanding/perception of my own mortality, perhaps it is my ever growing appreciation of what friendship really means, perhaps I am simply caught up in a wave of collective Canadian consciousness.




Whatever the reason I have been deeply moved by The Tragically Hip’s farewell tour. I have tears in my eyes as I write this.


I must confess that I have never been a huge Hip fan, a few of their more popular tunes I really liked but had never bought an album, or a concert ticket. That said they wrote one of my favorite songs of all time “It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken” which I have listened to more times than I could possibly count.


So through a cool bit of serendipity Cory and I got tickets to the Hips second sold out concert in Calgary on the eve of our 21st wedding Anniversary. The concert was amazing, you could even say surreal, the crowd, the emotion, the band giving it all…it was an honor to simply be there and share the farewell.


I could not shake the question of how would I cope in a similar situation?? Would I have the strength, courage the will to do what he is doing??


I would like to believe yes…but until one is faced with a situation like that who knows how each of us would really respond…


What I do know is that something deep in my soul resonates like a tuning fork in the presence of human greatness…


This resonation has been there my entire life and shows up at sometimes inopportune moments…my oldest son can hear it in my voice…and is quick to ask “Dad, are you crying?” I respond “Yes…”, and I do my best to use the moment to teach greatness to my boys.. “notice what just happened, watch the person displaying greatness, that moment right there…that is what makes the difference between average and amazing”. I believe they get it…


It happens everywhere,homeless people, Mom’s in the park playing with their kids, sports, business, music and it is there with Gord..


Good Lord it is there with Gord.


I left the concert, promising that I would do my best to articulate what I felt, hoped and imagined. It has turned out to be more difficult than I thought, thus this post 6 weeks after the concert.


I thought I would divide what I know and what I hope into 4 parts: Facts, Fiction, Fantasy and Vision


Gord has incurable brain cancer Glioblastoma
The band has been together for 30 plus years
Their final tour was done under the supervision of an oncologist AFTER brain surgery and Chemotherapy
Gord has started a research foundation which I would love and appreciate if anyone reading this would support…any amount is a recognition of Gord’s contribution
The final tour stuck a chord DEEP in the psyche of Canadians…
The final concert broadcast without commercials by the CBC was watched by 1/3 of ALL Canadians
How the band behaved and treated one another …it was genuinely beautiful…I loved watching how they interacted at the concert
Gord’s battle with Cancer continues…


Fiction (perhaps) – Things I would like to believe but may or may not be true:
The band are genuinely best friends and want the best for each other…
Gord was motivated by a handful of simple but powerful drives
1) His true love for his art
2) A desire to do what he could to support the band and his family while he could
3) He was committed to demonstrating courage, gratitude and love while he still can
4) Live what is left of his life being and doing what he loves with the people that matter most


My Fantasy:
Spontaneous remission somehow someway the tumor disappears…
A cure, technology solves it, for Gord and all others who suffer.


Failing that I hope…

– Gord’s family and bandmates are well taken care of and that they never have to worry about money and simple life mechanics…
– Gord and the band were as pleased and proud of the final tour as we as Canadians were
– That as a country we find a way to honor Gord and the band – The order of Canada perhaps…


That when I face my own certain death I will use Gord as a role model, a standard of going out being and doing what I love, and doing my best for my family, friends and my community.


Simple, clear & powerful.


In the meantime I am going to do my best to live my life consistent with the words of my favorite Hip song “It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken’


“Let’s get friendship right
Get life day-to-day”


Thank you Gord & The Hip

It is EASIER to Build a 7 Figure Business Than a 6 Figure Business…SERIOUSLY!

I just got back from Toronto where I was leading a Mastermind Evening with Jennifer Beale with a group of graduates of Loral Langemeier’s 3 Days 2 Cash program.  The theme that they wanted to focus on was SCALE and SPEED in growing their businesses.

blueprint6When we began to discuss what was really required for scale and speed it was clear that the vast majority of the room had not really STRATEGICALLY DESIGNED their business.

While this is not uncommon, what was VERY interesting was when I said “Well if you have not designed the business yet, lets start with a clean sheet of paper and remember it is not harder to design a 7 Figure Business than a 5 or 6 figure business…it is just DIFFERENT”  the group stared at me in disbelief…

Then when I said it is EASIER to design and run a 7 figure business than it is a 6 figure business, they said “NO WAY!”


It really is, the primary reason that most entrepreneurs do not believe it is easier is that they have built a business that does 200 – 300K and are VERY involved in delivery and operations and if they were to grow to 1 Million and beyond it FEELS like it would be 5 times the work.

It is NOT, at 1 Million there is a system and a team that provides you FREEDOM.

You know that this is true, but you are too busy to redesign something that is basically working.

I get it.  That is why I designed The 7 Figure Business Blueprint to support Successful entrepreneurs to rethink and reconsider their models and set their strategy more deliberately.

PS: Even if you are just starting out this is w brilliant way to start, you get to avoid the mistakes that most beginners make simply with a more strategic business model and scaling strategy.

This course is happening in Calgary THIS WEEKEND, check out the amazing speakers here.

PS: If you are not in the Alberta area we will be streaming the event as well!

If you have any questions?

Please contact Crystal Wimpney 780-999-4409 or email

See you this weekend!

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Where Does Time Go?

So I know it has been awhile since I posted, I have been busy creating like mad!

We (Cory the boys and I) are in Vancouver on our summer family holidays and having a fantastic time.  It has been far too long since we have hung out at the beach as a family!


It is has been a trip of milestones, Jaxson has mastered his 2 wheel bike, he road 8 KM all around the outside of Stanley Park!  He is still only 3!  In his words “I am a totally AWESOME bike rider!”

We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Wyatt who was a bit wigged out at first totally overcame


his fear, even going on the tree top adventure on his own a couple of times!

Both the boys have been mastering scooter tricks.

Cory and I have been feeling very nostalgic, walking around our old community in Yale Town, we both


miss living here in the summer.  The winter not so much!

In the midst of all this I am working on my first “Mini Online Launch” for the “Launch Your Mastermind 90 Day Bootcamp” which has been a huge learning experience.  Which I am loving!

Anyway I wish that you and yours are having as great a time as we are.  I definitely appreciate summer more after a long cold winter!

There is much more to update you all on but later ; ) Jay


Financial Freedom


I recently did an interview with a friend, client and partner of mine Josh Hayward. He asked me about the upcoming Creator’s Code program “Financial Freedom”.  Josh then put it together into an OUTSTANDING 4 part video series.

Check it out HERE

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This complimentary video series is packed with information and training that will empower you to take your financial world to the next level.

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These fundamental work, they have worked for me, they will work for you.

Looking forward to serving you.

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Millionaire Myths & Mysteries

Loral2I am getting really excited about Loral Langemeier coming back to Alberta.

Loral is known as “The Millionaire Maker” I love that handle ; )

What is fascinating is to me is all the myths and mysteries that surround Millionaires.

For the most part we are not who you think, we do not have the spending habits that many imagine.

I found a cool article on yahoo finance that speaks directly to this, read here.

On one hand it is FAR easier than you think and on the other hand you MUST break free of  social conditioning to claim your spot at the 7 figure table.

If you want to learn the truth about becoming a Millionaire or are ready to make your NEXT Million. Be sure to attend Loral’s event called “The Millionaire Makeover” coming to Alberta SOON!

In Edmonton April 15th, get your tickets here.

In Calgary April 16, get your tickets here.

To your happiness, wealth and freedom!

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