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Brief Update on Life & 17 Reasons…

You KNOW You Want To!

Only 2 months left in 2011, and I must say that they are an incredibly exciting things coming down the pipe that I am thrilled to share with you. Some highlights are:

Cory and I are facilitating the Couples Weekends again! After 5 plus years of requests we can finally say YES!! We are doing a Mastery evening called “The Power Between” on Monday November 7th, free for Inner Circle members and their partners. $40 per couple for non members.

I am delivering the new format of Personal Best Level One called “The Gift” for a small group of past Level One grads December 9 – 11. Register here if you want one of the few seats left.

The first Creation Circle Leaders Training starts this weekend, YAHOOOOOO!!! this is huge and if you are interested in real world results, bending time and creating in 3 or 6 months what may have taken a year or more, check out this page and submit your application. I have been working on this for over 6 months, we have attracted an outstanding launch group of Creation Circle leaders…you will be blown away!

NOTE: If you are interested in becoming a Creation Circle Leader please do 3 things 1) Email me to get on the invite list 2) Set aside these dates March 29th  – April 4th 2012 3) If you have not already begin to consciously define, attract and connect with your UNIQUE tribe.  You take care of those three things and we will provide the model, the tools and the structure to contribute your unique gift AND earn fantastic $$!

In the midst of all this we are preparing for the complete relaunch of our new programs, brand and structure for January 2012.

Out of all of this what I am MOST excited about is the ability to offer an experience that is truly the first of its kind (I will wager that there will be many more like it in the next 3 to 5 years). The Creator’s Code is less of a program and more of a global movement. A movement of conscious creators who are committed to “Being The Change” that the world needs, Creating more than we consume and leading in a powerful visible manner among many other things.

If you are interested in powerful personal and professional development, deep level mastermind, and participating in conscious community, then claim your space as a creator and join a Creation Circle Today. NOTE: We are in the beta test mode and there are only a small handful of spots in select groups. You must apply to be sure you are a fit with the Creation Circle Leader and the other participants. The non refundable application is $97 and is in NO WAY a guarantee that you will be accepted as a member. Find out more by emailing Lance.

We have confirmed dates for Grande Prairie for 2012 this totally rocks!  In fact I will be in GP this week Nov 2nd at Skyloft Integrated Wellness Introductory Presentation 6:00 pm – 7:30 PM Mastery evening 7:30 – 10:30 PM. Email to register.

Speaking of 2012 we have all the Canadian program dates set so if you have not gotten those weekends booked check out the schedule and get it DONE!

Looking WAAAAY forward to October 2012 we are very proud (and Rae Ann is completely nutty excited) to bring best selling Hay House author Greg Braden to Edmonton, it is going to be an amazing event, check out his books and be sure to get one of the early bird super discounted VIP tickets so you can meet this amazing man yourself.

Well there is more, much more actually however that is coming soon, but I must get back to the finalizing the Creation Circle Leaders training for this weekend.  I will leave you with the early writing of the brilliant JBel who is massaging copy for the new Creation Circle website.

The site will be edgy, a bit tongue in cheek, and will pull no punches when it comes to supporting you to create what is most important to you!

Enjoy…as always open to thoughts and feedback.

17 Reasons you need to be part of a Creation Circle

1) Bend Time and create your dreams faster.

E=mc2, Einstein was right, you can bend time, seriously, look it up.

2) You are a leader.

Yes you are, c’mon now, you are.

3) Your own team of cheerleaders, SIS, BOOM, BAH!

With or without the high kicks and pom-poms, these people love to support you and cheer you on.

4) The Juice.

Being a creator, contributing to the world and celebrating profit captivate you. Making your dreams a reality and giving your unique gifts is really the sweet stuff of life!

5) Transformation is cool.

They have entire robot movies about it. But you want your transformation to be more than meets the eye, a consciously directed shift. Wow, imagine how that will feel.

6) Buying it or making it.

You have chosen to consume less and now you are ready to create. Shopaholic is no longer who you are or what you do.

7) Tap into the Mindbank.

What’s the Mindbank? It’s the space of all knowing and you can utilize it. Ok, sounds kind of out there, but it’s real and it’s neato.

8) Learn to fish.

By learning how to create what you want in life and maintain it, you won’t be stuck wondering how to do it or who will do it for you; you’ll already be reaping the rewards.

9) A Global tribe

You know that you belong to a community that extends beyond the borders of your country. You can still cheer for your country at the Olympics though.

10) You get busy and you get off track.

Meet your kick in the pants.

11) Mastery, Mission and Money, Oh My!

Imagine knowing your purpose in life, creating the life you want using that purpose and making money in that process all the while the whole time. We don’t make this stuff up. You do.

12) Rubbing elbows.

You’ll get access to the top minds in personal development and business building on planet Earth. You might as well get the goods from the best.

13) A ring.

You get some bling with your commitment. It has magic powers and makes you a super hero! Actually, you already have that magic and power inside you, but a ring might help you remember that. And, it’s snazzy!

14) Celebrate the process.

Each month you can meet other conscious creators and hear amazing speakers who are all about inspiring, teaching, learning and growing. It’ll be one hell of a party. Every month. ‘Cause life, it’s fun!

15) Commitment, participation, support.

Sounds like a great marriage. You bet your ass it is! Creation Circles are made up of people wholeheartedly committed to making change within themselves, the world and supporting others doing the same.

16) Give birth.

In Italian, give birth is Dare alla luce, which literally means to give to the light. Gives whole new meaning and power to creating your ideas and projects for the world now doesn’t it.


Enough said.


Check Out This Amazing Resource (& Get $2000 in FREE Gifts TODAY!)

Many of you know that I am a big fan of Doug and Melanie Nelson of CatchFire U. Doug’s New book Catch Fire Hot to Create Your Own Economy” is an outstanding kick in the butt for anyone interested in financial freedom. I got an early edition of the book and I totally love it, in fact so much that Catch Fire and I have been doing work together for about 6 months now and I can tell you that they are simply the best joint venture partner’s I have ever had!

Some of you know that I have been a proponent of entrepreneurship and have long believed and taught that we can ALL be FINANCIALLY FREE! Well this book will teach you how. It is simply written and full of practical ideas and tools that you can apply NOW!

Today is the official release and if you buy the book today you will get $2000 of perks, some of them from me, that is how much I believe in this book, Doug and Melanie and their mission.

If you only read one book for the rest of this year read Catch Fire: How To Ignite Your Own Economy! Assuming you have already read mine ; )

Create and enjoy your financial freedom!


Asking Directly For What You Want

I never cease to be amazed at the power and simplicity of asking DIRECTLY for what I want.  It is a quantum accelerator, a powerful communication and relationship building tool, and it is a skill that we can all improve upon.

Here is a brief excerpt from my book “Reframe Your Blame, How to be Personally Accountable”

Excerpt starts:

Think of all the things that you have done in your life to gain recognition. Another word for recognition is love (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). You’ve made sacrifices for loved ones, sometimes just going along and pretending you agree, all to make sure you are not judged or rejected. Human beings do wild and wacky things to be recognized, to fit in, to be loved and accepted. The truth is, it rarely works in the way that we would like it to.
Recognition Payoff Remedy: It’s so simple and yet nearly impossible for many people. Simply ask directly for what you want.
“I beg your pardon,” you say. “If it were that easy, I would already be doing that. I remember times in my life when I asked directly and I did not get what I asked for.” I understand that, and of course you’re right—at least from your perspective. That’s why you created the devious routines you have to get the love and recogni- tion that you need.
Let’s elaborate on the deep and complex idea of asking directly for what you want. Sometimes, we’re afraid that if we describe what we truly want and ask for it, we are giving power to those who want to hurt or thwart us. However, consider the logic of not asking, but hoping that someone in your life will catch the hints, intuit your deepest desires (which they should, of course, if they truly care about you), and then behave as you desire. This is nothing more than preplanning and preparing to be victimized by the people from whom you want love and recognition.

Here are some guidelines for successfully asking.

•  Ask directly and honestly for what you want.

• Ask someone who has the capacity to give youwhat you are asking for. Asking a starving man to give you food is unproductive. Asking someone incapable of a committed relationship to provide eternal fidelity and devotion is a recipe for disaster.
• Ask, knowing that it is the other person’s choice to give to you or not. They have every right to say “no.” That doesn’t in any way dismiss or diminish your desire or need. Develop a support network broad enough that you have more than three people to ask.
But suppose you have co-created your relationships in such a way that asking for what you want directly would be nothing more than a setup for the other person to exert power over you by saying “no.” Then start by renegotiating the ground rules of your relationships before asking. Some relationships descend into a spite war, an arena where each resents the other for not supplying what is needed, so they punish each other by withholding what the other wants. If this has happened, negotiate a truce and a new agreement about how you will interact with one another. Your objective: If either of us asks directly for what we want, and the other is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually able to provide it, they will. If they can’t, they will explain why and offer support for fulfilling this need in another way.

To summarize: If one of your payoffs is recognition (and it is if you are human), ask directly for what you want, ask someone who has the capacity to give it to you, and remember to ask with no strings attached.

They have every right to say “no,” and you have every right to have your needs fulfilled.

Excerpt ends.

So what must you ask for today and whom must you ask? It is often significantly more difficult than it first appears.  If you would like support this is a process that we create agreement to and structure for in primary relationships in our Couples Weekends and Retreats, if you would like more information please check them out.


Mindjet Catalyst: The 12 Pillars of The Creator’s Code

Mindjet Catalyst: The 12 Pillars.

Here is the updated version of the code.  Please check it out I would love your feedback.

Our New Family Pic!

I have not been posting much as of late because our summer has been totally nuts. In June I stepped back into Personal Best on a full time ++ basis, in July our new little man came home Jaxson Levi Fiset and in August Cory’s dad Joe went into the hospital and passed away on Sept 4th. Here is the new family pic. I will be back to regular posts shortly.