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It is EASIER to Build a 7 Figure Business Than a 6 Figure Business…SERIOUSLY!

I just got back from Toronto where I was leading a Mastermind Evening with Jennifer Beale with a group of graduates of Loral Langemeier’s 3 Days 2 Cash program.  The theme that they wanted to focus on was SCALE and SPEED in growing their businesses.

blueprint6When we began to discuss what was really required for scale and speed it was clear that the vast majority of the room had not really STRATEGICALLY DESIGNED their business.

While this is not uncommon, what was VERY interesting was when I said “Well if you have not designed the business yet, lets start with a clean sheet of paper and remember it is not harder to design a 7 Figure Business than a 5 or 6 figure business…it is just DIFFERENT”  the group stared at me in disbelief…

Then when I said it is EASIER to design and run a 7 figure business than it is a 6 figure business, they said “NO WAY!”


It really is, the primary reason that most entrepreneurs do not believe it is easier is that they have built a business that does 200 – 300K and are VERY involved in delivery and operations and if they were to grow to 1 Million and beyond it FEELS like it would be 5 times the work.

It is NOT, at 1 Million there is a system and a team that provides you FREEDOM.

You know that this is true, but you are too busy to redesign something that is basically working.

I get it.  That is why I designed The 7 Figure Business Blueprint to support Successful entrepreneurs to rethink and reconsider their models and set their strategy more deliberately.

PS: Even if you are just starting out this is w brilliant way to start, you get to avoid the mistakes that most beginners make simply with a more strategic business model and scaling strategy.

This course is happening in Calgary THIS WEEKEND, check out the amazing speakers here.

PS: If you are not in the Alberta area we will be streaming the event as well!

If you have any questions?

Please contact Crystal Wimpney 780-999-4409 or email

See you this weekend!

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Are You Creating More Than You Consume?


I Create More Than I Consume Pillar 2 of The Creator’s Code 

Our focus on taking care of our finances and entrepreneurship (Pillar 12) continues!
Yesterday the Millionaire Makeover with Loral Langemeier was outstanding! For me there
were many takeaways that were simple…yet I forget, thanks Loral for the powerful reminders!
  1. Do not let myself get sucked into the details of life, cooking. cleaning, maintenance, these activities COST ME MONEY, growth for my business becomes a time issue, protect my time to CREATE with vigilance!  NOTE: I really do love cutting the lawn, I will keep that one ; )
  2. Focus on the quality of my Joint Venture partners, there are literally hundreds of people who I like, who can create GREAT value for my clients 
  3. and tribe, BUT not all of them are really READY as one of my partners posted a few days ago “what if the big fish came looking for you, while you were busy fishing for minnows?” Thanks Lisa Cherny (who is one of the amazing guests on the Success Tsunami Summit that starts on Monday check her out!
  4. The power of a small sale.  There is so much more to say about this but
    uffice it to say as part of a larger well designed system, small sales can ROCK!
  5. Loral took an Idea that I have been passionate about for many years RGA’s Revenue Generating Activities and called them Revenue Generating DAYS!  That may not seem like much to you but it is a SIGNIFICANT contextual shift for me!
Other fantastic news about the event is that Loral has decided to run her course “3 Days to Cash” here in Alberta, which is outstanding, no travel to attend it is May 1 – 3 and it is outstanding, if you can’t tell I am more than a little thrilled to be joint venturing with Loral and her organization.
I also want to apologize for the funky google hangout, we had SEVERAL issues which I will not bore you with the details.
There is an excellent upside to tech troubles Loral has agreed to honor the in room special price  of $750 per person AND you can bring a teen with you for that price  which is like $375 per person!! If you even remotely do the work in the weekend you will far exceed your investment!
If you want to catch parts of the amazing presentation, (parts of the broadcast worked really well, once we figured out the issues) you can watch and get a taste of what a Millionaire Makeover really is.  Enjoy!
So what else is coming up that will support you to MASTER your finances and Create More Than You Consume?
I am so glad you asked!  We have 2 more events that will really support you one of them is local here in Calgary the other online.
1) Online, as ANYONE can access it!
The Success Tsunami Summit  STARTING MONDAY MORNING at 10 AM!!
This is a summit that I co created with my friends Ronnie Tsunami and Joe Pei.  The summit will help you with next level tribe building and lead generation strategies for coaches and consultants.
Focusing on 5 key aspects that will create a Tsunami of leads and sales in your business!
1. Define Business
2. Build Credibility
3. Increase Visibility
4. Capture Leads
5. Generate Sales
This collection of experts will create momentum in your business NOW!!
2) Live event in Calgary, Tuesday February 18th my friend Colin Sprake is leading his “MASTERING YOUR BUSINESS FOR MAXIMUM PROFIT & SUCCESS” evening.
Colin is a brilliant man and he has created one of the most comprehensive business building programs I have ever seen.  It covers it all, it has long term support, it is lead by a man who walks his talk and has built and sold many multi million dollar businesses.
This is a SUPER SIMPLE, if you have a  business or want to start a business, you need to meet Colin and find out how he can support you and your business to grow.
To reserve you seat visit this address and input the code 9494
We are only 1/2 way through February, MUCH more Conscious Creation to come!
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My MOST Important Month This Year!

frog_waterPillar 2 “I Create MORE Than I Consume” is on.  I for one am super excited about it and while working on myself and my business from the perspective of Pillar 1 “Personal Accountability”  I have gained some insights that have me HIGHLY MOTIVATED!  I am dedicating myself to a conscious creation RESET.  Want to join me?

I have spent the last 2 years developing content, systems and process for our new brand The Creator’s Code.  My output has been stellar in terms of content creation.  BUT I have been out of balance, I have consumed FAR too much time, money, resources in the “Creation” mode and in taking 3 steps back to evaluate, in fact this creation process has actually become more of a CONSUMPTION process.  UGGGG, that feels like a kick to the… to the… lets say solar plexus.

What is fascinating to me is the subtle at least to me way that some of my greatest acts of creation of turned into unconscious act of consumption.

So my question to myself is “How the hell did that happen?”

It feels a bit like the story of the frog and the boiling water. If you toss a frog into boiling water it jumps out and saves it life…makes sense BUT if you put a from into nice and comfortable lukewarm water and slowly but surely turn temperature. One or two degrees at a time the frog remains comfortable…after all it is just a small and subtle change and remains in water until it is boiled to death.

So the truth is I have been sitting comfortable in creation mode, which I love and have let myself slip, a couple of degrees at a time into consumption mode.  In hindsight I see some of the key decisions and framing that lead to this result…but at the time I was oblivious.

It makes me wonder, how many of you currently have a life area, business, relationship, creative project that started as creation but has slipped into consumption? If you are wondering if this is true ask yourself these questions, I know that they would have helped me to recognize when the “HEAT” was being turned up.

  1. Are you in resistance to…
    1. Working on the project
    2. Completion
    3. Engaging and accepting specific types of support
    4. My normal routines
    5. Doing that which will have the GREATEST positive impact
  2. Do you have specific results that are normally clockwork that are suffering?
    1. Self care routines
    2. Financial results
    3. Time with family
  3. Are you managing low levels of negative emotions?
    1. Frustration
    2. Sadness
    3. Confusion
    4. Disappointment
  4. Are you managing incompletes?
    1. Taxes
    2. Correspondence
    3. House cleaning/maintenance
  5. Relationship strain
    1. Not seeing the people you care about most
    2. Not being PRESENT with people you love when you a re with them
    3. Changes in sexual intimacy
    4. Drama with family
    5. Undefined distance

If you said responded yes to 3 or more of the questions above you may have shifted into consumption mode and need a RESET.  When it comes to creating a reset the faster the better and we have collected some fantastic people, tools and experiences to get you back on track THIS MONTH.

One of the most powerful experiences that we offer at The Creator’s Code is “The Accountability Intensive” weekend which is the experiential version of my bestselling book “Reframe Your Blame” it is happening this weekend in Edmonton. Email to secure your seat.

Conscious Creation, here we come.

PS: I was going to share this with you later but seats are going so fast that I think it will be full in a day or 2.  I am bringing “Loral Langemeier The Millionaire Maker” to Calgary on February 13th.  We just went our first email about it and we are at 115 people and the venue only holds 150 so grab your free seat FAST!

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Online Marketing: The Difference Between What and How…

150789_303017839772265_126894987384552_695779_1816460421_nOnline marketing…the marketers would like you to believe that “It’s EASY, you can do it in your PJ’s!” There are a multitude of people who will tell you WHAT to do, let me summarize!

  • You shoot some videos
  • You host the videos
  • You build a landing page
  • You write some autoresponders
  • You add the facebook comments plug in
  • You set up your affiliate program
  • You integrate all of this with your shopping cart
  • You get a bunch of JV partners
  • You send out emails with educational videos
  • You build a membership site
  • You set up your automated webinar
  • You make an offer


People send you MONEY, lots and lots of MONEY!!!


Of course most of you reading this already “KNEW” all that.

It is so simple you should run out and do it…NOW!!!


The analogy that I say to my clients the what and the how are on different sides of the Grand Canyon, and it is time consuming and EXPENSIVE to figure out.

Some of the most difficult and challenging issues are what software to use things you must consider.

  • Your mailing list and auto responder system
  • Your video hosting and delivery system
  • Your landing pages
  • Your affiliate software
  • Your shopping cart (how are people going to PAY you)
  • Your membership site
  • Your automated webinar system

Remember all of these come at a variety of price points, ease of use and not all of the choices play well with one another…if any of you have started down this path you know what I am talking about!
So after spending 3 years testing, trying, failing and succeeding I have an outstanding system that WORKS!! People are registering for our programs online, our affiliates are tracked simply and easily, I have JV partners that are supporting my first BIG LAUNCH this fall. It is NOT easy but it is a BEAUTIFUL thing when what used to take 4 man hours is totally automated available 24/7 all over the world ahhh that is truly beautiful!

The universe being what it is, as all this comes to pass I have been asked over and over again to support people to put together their video series, automated webinar, affiliate systems. This is NOT my core business, nor do I want it to be my core business BUT my purpose is to accelerate the creation of peoples dreams and desires it does not feel right to have accumulated this experience and expertise and not share it.

I discussed this with my friend and partner Amy and we came up with a brilliant idea even if I must say so myself ; )

So we designed:

The Online Business Breakthrough: You Know The What, Here’s The HOW!

In this weekend we actually build step by step, a landing page, an educational video funnel, an automated webinar, we fully integrate a shopping cart, set up an affiliate program, write the auto responders and set strategy for a social media campaign.

Please understand WE BUILD IT LIVE!! And you can participate at one of three levels.

1) Do It Yourself aka Watch and Learn: $1,997 

NOTE:  This is a BONUS for anyone who purchases the JV insider before Monday June 10th at Midnight! Check out the JV Insider HERE!

a. The Architecture of online marketing sequences/strategies

i.     List building

   ii.     Educational Video Funnels

iii.     Automated webinars

iv.     Social Media blueprint

b. You will gain behind the scenes access and SEE EXACTLY the steps to create a kick ass landing page
c. You will understand the critical elements in choosing your software platforms
d. Experience what it is like to shoot video in a studio setting
e. Discover the fastest and easiest way to build a membership site
f. How to set up a shopping cart and integrate the affiliate module

You can purchase “Do It Yourself” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Do It Yourself” in 3 Monthly Payments

2) Do It With Us: $4997

a. Attend the Course and get all of the above PLUS
b. We set up FOR YOU!

i. Automated Webinar

1. Banner
2. Support with the PPT
3. Scripting and Structure
4. Custom hosting
5. Personalized domain

ii. Shopping cart integration (Max 2 products and 2 payment options)

1. Affiliate system
2. Autoresponder

c. You leave with a working automated webinar with built in offer and means of collecting payment. NOTE: This require additional coaching and consulting PRIOR to the weekend.

You can purchase “Do It With Us” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Do It With Us” in 3 Monthly Payments

3) Done For You! $14,997

a. Attend the course and receive EVERYTHING in the previous 2 packages PLUS
b. Educational Video Funnel

• Landing page (artwork/video/ programming/integration with shopping cart/facebook comments
• Max of 3 – 15 min videos including offer video (Scripting, shooting, editing, compressing hosting)
• Affiliate integration with shopping cart

c. Online membership site set up and structured to be included as part of the offer(s)
Note: This package requires extensive coaching and consulting both BEFORE AND AFTER the weekend and requires a significant time commitment from the client. Regarding the online shopping cart you must qualify for CC processing on your own.

You can purchase “Get It Done For You” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Get It Done For You” in 3 Monthly Payments

The Online Business Breakthrough: You Know The What, Here’s The HOW!

Is an intimate, hands on HIGHLY interactive experience. If you have been working in this area, perhaps you have taken a “what to do” course like “Experts Academy” or something similar and are ready to REALLY DO IT, this weekend is for you.

Please know that the watch and learn level is open to anyone, the other spots are by interview only, you MUST be ready. If you are interested in a done with you, or done for you package please email Jay and we will set a time for a discovery session and see if you are ready to “GET IT DONE!”

I look forward to supporting you to get the “right ladder against the right wall”.

In service,

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Joint Ventures Do’s & Don’ts

Bill Walsh and Jay Fiset @ Vision to Wealth Calgary

I have not posted for a while, and have been working on many things…primarily joint ventures which is the final chapter of my upcoming book Event Marketing Millionaire.

Last Tuesday I/Personal Best hosted Bill Walsh of Powerteam International, in Calgary and he did his Vision to Wealth presentation.  It was an outstanding evening on every count!  Thank you Bill and the Powerteam team, Thank you Lance, Jessica, Anne and Armando you all went above and beyond I greatly appreciate it.

There are a multitude of lessons from this event about Joint ventures that work and this event is a great example of what works.

I should come clean and let you know that I have done joint ventures in the past (mainly about 10 years ago) that did NOT work out so well… in fact I  developed a bad taste in my mouth and for the most part swore off or at least dismissed joint venture opportunities and choose to focus on my business, my clients and my content.

Let me say as clearly and plainly as possible, that was a mistake, not a small mistake…a monumental mistake.  One which has  cost me Millions of dollars quite likely tens of millions of dollars.  The truth is, I simply did not have the knowledge and skills to properly attract, target, negotiate and set up the RIGHT JV relationships.

This post is intended to a provide some bullet points of do’s and don’ts, I will expand on each of them in “Event  Marketing Millionaire”

So lets start with what works because that is what is fresh on my mind from our fantastic event on Tuesday night.


1)   Start the relationship with “What can I do for YOU?” NOT here is what you can do for me.

2)   Partner with an individual/organization that has shared values.

3)   You must compliment each other

4)   There MUST be significant value in the relationship

5)   They MUST understand business honor and acknowledge the most difficult aspects lead generation and conversion

6)   They must want YOU to win

7)   Ideally it is set up as a long term relationship

8)   Perfect clarity of the financial arrangements

9)   Perfect clarity of the refund policy and the handling of the dissatisfied customers

10)                  JV UP in the area that you want to do more work in

11)                  Provide great resources and tools to make the JV as easy and enjoyable as possible

12)                  Reward and acknowledge partners in BIG and significant ways!


1)   Participate in parasitic relationships, BOTH parties must see, feel and experience the win!

2)   JV with someone that you don’t like or believe in at your core, the money is not worth it and the customers will NOT share your values.  It is a PAIN!

3)   JV with people that have different standards of excellence and delivery.  Your customers who have become accustomed to your standard will be gravely disappointed in what they purchase from your JV partner

4)   Set yourself or your partners up with poor information or technology that does not work (landing pages, affiliate tracking systems etc)

5)   Start or view JV’s as a short term/one hit process.  It is too much work and risk in most instances to not view the process as a LONG TERM relationship

6)   Be seduced by a large list or number of clients, the real important thing is who have the most INFLUENCE with their list. List size and list influence are 2 very different things

There are many more points to this but this is a good start.  If you are interested in some great points a fantastic resource is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.  Jeff is a great guy, has a grounded approach and has done literally hundreds of millions of dollars of joint ventures.

Now I am off to find some more great joint venture partners!

Until next time, Jay