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Financial Freedom: Fact or Fiction??

308352_314306688585302_766420345_nWhat would it REALLY TAKE for you to be financially free?

Do you believe that it is even possible?

Why is financial freedom so rare when we are so “wealthy”?

The truth is that it can be easy…easier than being trapped in payments and interests.

If you are ready to step off the treadmill of unconscious consumption, and create not just wealth but FREEDOM!  Join me April 12 – 14th in Calgary.

The best part is, the weekend is on sale for 50% off TODAY ONLY!  Check out the sale page here!

I look forward to supporting you to your next step in FREEDOM!

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Happy April Fools Day, The Joke is on…ME!

I hope you and your fam31909_490296731025536_476022945_nily are having/had a fantastic Easter! It is my intention to make your holiday EVEN BETTER!

The Creator’s Code is doing something that we have NEVER done before, we are having a one day sale. Not just any one day sale but a 50% off EVERYTHING sale!

It is an outstanding opportunity to commit to yourself to MAKE the changes that you have been working on.

Our motivation for this one day sale is that we have been working on our new offerings and membership site for almost a year and last month we FINISHED the new site, and is really is something to behold. I am a member of a multitude of sites and the amount and quality of our content is simply rock star!

So we came up with the idea of the one day sale and built in getting people to visit and USE the site!

The sale is simple to get 50 % off of EVERYTHING, you must be a member of the Creator’s Code Digital, this online and offline membership is only $397 for the year and includes. Monthly live webinars, monthly live streaming events, 6 fantastic online courses, like Clear, Complete and CREATE! The Keys to Creation Audio series, The Power of Mission to name just a few. PLUS it includes the greatest bonus EVER, 1 ticket to the life transforming weekend program “The Gift”.

This membership will provide you a foundation of support, transformation and engagement for a year!

Once you are a member then you can take advantage of our crazy one day sale : )

The link is here to become a member if you are not already.

Become a member of The Creator’s Code Digital

Once you are a member then take a few minutes to peruse the programs offered for 50% OFF APRIL FOOLS DAY ONLY!  Please remember to use the aprilfools code for your discount.

Visit the store here.

A couple of suggestions on courses that we have NEVER promoted like this before!

Facilitator Development. Design, market and deliver your own experiential program.

The Financial Freedom Weekend.  Coming up in just a couple of weeks, break FREE of the Rat Race!

Creation Circle Leaders Training.  Want to leverage 25 year of experience and systems?  How about earn 100K for adding 5 more evenings of work per month?

This really is simply the best opportunity to save big money and transform your life with The Creator’s Code.

I look forward to being of service!

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