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Is It Possible Our Society is Addicted to Wealth?

pillar03postcardGiven that the Creator’s Code is focusing on Pillar 3 “I Support Sustainability” I was totally fascinated when attending the latest meeting of The Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal, a young man named Sam Polk began to speak.

Sam is an unassuming man with an astounding story.  Humble beginnings, family drama and a POWERFUL desire as a young man to buy his happiness.  We all know how that turns out, but few of us have the courage (or opportunity) to literally walk away from millions!

Take 5 minutes to read his op-ed  article in the NY Times.  It is a powerful message of what drives us to attempt to live in unsustainable ways and Sam is a exemplary role model of what we can do about it!

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Cutting Edge Consciousness

Here is a radio interview I did with fellow ATL members (Association of Transformational Leaders) Barnet Bain and Freeman Micheals who have an outstanding radio program called “Cutting Edge Consciousness”.

We are discussing what is on the other side of blame.

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