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The Secrets to Marketing Masterminds

There is a fundamental difference between “Traditional Marketing” and launching a mastermind group.

Remember you are NOT SELLING a “thing” this is an experience and it all starts with a relationship.


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Clear, Complete and CREATE!

shapeitClear, Complete and CREATE!

Say it 3 times in a row, it is a great mantra!  Not only that is has a good beat and is easy to dance to ; )

I have had one of the best 1/4’s of life!  The past 90 days have been utterly and completely amazing/

A fb post I made said “thrilled, stunned, and relieved“. at completing 3 major projects that have been 3 +/- years in process.

As most things go I did not realize the weight, significance, and ENERGY that these projects (which we were making progress on….SLOWLY) were consuming.  It is only in their completion and absence that I can truly notice the difference.  I imagine not so different than the frog in the hot water, not noticing the difference in temperature until he is out of the water. Right now I am really noticing… appreciation, pride, gratitude, support and I feel the opening of vision, leverage, strategy and contribution.

It is a fascinating pattern for me, this process of consistently biting off more than I can chew and settling into finding or better put creating a way to complete what I set out to be or do.  On one had it is an almost magical strength of mine and on the other hand I a know that there are easier, smoother ways,  The dichotomy of the previous statements is not lost upon me.

In these moments of completion before I embark on the cycle of CREATION again, I pledge the following:

1) I accept that my desire to create is a double edged sword, if feeds and fuels my passion and engagement in life, it also can pull me off purpose when I get lost in the mechanics and too focused on “Getting SHIT DONE!”

2) The key to balancing greater contribution, enjoyment and PRESENCE is support.  Not half assed support, not good intentioned support, not convenient support, but strategic, professional, ROCK STAR support!  A quick shout out to my unicorn Tara, my brilliant rock star support that has been key in completing these major projects.  Thank you!!

3) Find and invest in groups and communities where I am “the dumbest guy in the room”  another way of saying this is spend time and invest in relationships with the people and organizations that have the greatest power and influence to support my mission and vision.

I had the privilege of being with a group of amazing people at ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) last weekend and out of the entire weekend of outstanding and amazing content and conversations the statement from Yakov Smirnoff answering the questions of how did he become so successful so fast after immigrating to the US.  “and of course the power of proximity”  He had a long list of what he did and then added “the power of proximity” at the end as if to say and none of that would really have mattered if I had not placed myself in the “right spot”.  Hmmmm

So regardless of where you are in the cycle of Clear, Complete CREATE, I promise you that there is strategy, support and leverage that can make a monument difference.  To support you in that process I am giving you a give of a webinar that is the introduction of a coaching program I offer of the same name.

Clear, Complete and CREATE Overview!

Enjoy the webinar!


Is Your Coach Holding You Accountable? Really?

Coach Marketing Phrases:

“I will hold you accountable”
“I will make you accountable”
“I am your accountability partner”

These phrases are RAMPANT in the coaching industry, and for the most part statements like this are a farce.

Yes a farce, there I said it, I know I have likely wrankled and tweaked a number of “accountability coaches” reading this. Good!

There is a powerful distinction between helping people keep their agreements with themselves and one another and “personal accountability” this distinction can not only transform your life and business but improve the value and depth of your coaching in a monumental way.

Please take a couple of minutes watch this video and share your comments and reactions.

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