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The Creator’s Code Manifesto

Image 20I am a Creator

I know Today is not just another day, today I can and will create something BEAUTIFUL!!

I am a Creator

I bound out of bed, excited to make my unique contribution to the world. I LIVE my MISSION.

I am a Creator

I am FREE mentally, physically, financially, ideologically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am a Creator

I participate in a conscious community that ACTIVELY supports each other and reaches out to the rest of the world.

I am a Creator

I surround myself with people who walk their talk, lift me up and CONTRIBUTE to the world!

I am a Creator

I do my own work, I know my life happens through me, not to me.

I am a Creator

I see and attract other creators…I SEE YOU!

YOU are a Creator

I SEE YOU and ask, “What are you excited about creating?”

YOU are a Creator

I see you and ask, “What support do you require?”

YOU are a Creator

I see you persevering against adversity and I am there for you.

YOU are a Creator

I admire how you give of your time, money and energy.

YOU are a Creator

You accept and develop your innate gifts and share them with the world.

YOU are a Creator

I witness you in flow, aligned, engaged and instantly manifesting, I revel in your success and energy

YOU are a Creator

I love it when we celebrate…even the little things, especially the little things…after all


We value people, relationships, love and contribution. We put stuff, status, and unconscious consumption in its place.


We measure ourselves and lives based on RESULTS not stories or excuses.


We meditate, pray and connect in our own way with God, spirit, the universe.


We slip off our shoes and run in the grass or splash in the water and feel connected, recharged and know we are not alone.


We lead in our families, businesses and communities with integrity, respect and love.


We are too wise to blame so we choose to consciously direct our precious energy through personal accountability.


We accept “what is” while actively creating what is “to be”.



Welcome home, your tribe has been waiting for YOU!

The Creator’s Code

If the manifesto resonates with you, be sure to join your tribe at The Conscious Creation Tele Summit FREE!  September 16 – 28, 2013.

There Is Something Within You That You Are Called To Create

Image 5I want to ask you a question…in fact my current favorite question.

What are you EXCITED about creating?


What are you REALLY excited about Creating???

I am not talking about your plan to pay off you mortgage in 15 years instead of 20 years, or losing that last 10 pounds that you have been struggling with. I am talking about, heart pounding, pulse quickening, head glowing, smart ass grin, excited about creating?

Stop for a moment and notice what happens for you when you sit with the question for a moment. I find it fascinating when I ask people this simple question.

There are some common responses and reactions

1)   Some light up and share what they are engaged in or preparing to become engaged in, and a meaningful conversation is underway, Yahoo, we have a conscious creator!

2)   Some have difficulty letting themselves get excited because they are burdened with, fear disappointment and obligation.  Unfortunately this is FAR too common they WANT to be excited they want to be engaged in CREATION they just cannot see through the have to’s for it to seem like a real choice.

3)   Some utter the 3 words that kill more ideas, brainwaves, possibilities and brain cells as well if you are following the new research in neural plasticity.  You know the three words I am talking about odds are you have uttered more than once “I don’t know”.

I do not know what you response was the first time I asked the question but I do know that within YOU there is something that you are called to create, something that is aligned with your heart, mind and soul and when you consciously direct your energy to “THAT” you have the ability tap into what William Hutchinson Murray wrote about.

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

(I LOVE that quote, for so many reasons, which I will not go into here or this post will be 240 pages long.)

Suffice it to say that I believe that humanity is at its best and divinely connected when we are engaged in the conscious creation of that which we are excited and passionate about that which has meaning to us.

It is this belief that gave birth to The Conscious Creation Telesummit and I invite you to attend, more importantly I invite you to actually CREATE for real in your life and in the world whatever it is that you are excited about creating.

The summit is free to listen to LIVE and this all-star lineup of New York Times Bestselling Authors, Transformation Coaches and Personal Growth Experts Will Teach You How To Consciously Reframe, Redesign and Live as a True Creator.

The Conscious Creation Telesummit will not only spark your EXCITEMENT about what you are called to create, it will provide real tools, practices, processes, and role models who have done it themselves! Role models who are conscious creator’s and who hold the vision that conscious creation is your true nature, your birth right YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU ARE a conscious creator!

So make the COMMITMENT to participate in The Conscious Creation Telesummit. I promise you that I have raised in your favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which you could have dreamt would have come your way.

So do yourself and your future self a favor, join the summit. Bend time, create what you want NOW! by registering here.

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Focus on the Easy Money

This article really spoke to me…as many of you know I have had tendency to do things the HARD WAY, I know there are “so few“of us who have that approach, that I thought I would share this with you.  Jeanna is a brilliant coach with a strong personal transformation grounding who I really admire.  Check her out.  Jay

Guest Blog Post by Jeanna Gabellini

I used to have a bad habit of creating new ways to generate money every month. None of my new offerings had earth-shattering results, but that didn’t stop me from trying to reinvent the wheel. Apparently, I didn’t notice the pattern of working hard for little ROI.

I know many highly creative entrepreneurs who have similar issues. But then there’s the bunch that never tries anything new and they’re overworked and underpaid, too.
In my case, it’s my high-level mastermind programs and private coaching clients.Sometimes it takes a simple question to wake you up and be smart about how you increase your profits. The question that always works for me is, “Where does most of my money come from?” (Make sure you actually look at your bookkeeping reports before you answer.)


at about you?

Another great question to ask yourself is, “What’s the easiest way I make money?”

Now the obvious way to use this information is to focus your energy on the things that you make the most money in the easiest way. But what if you don’t enjoy the thing that makes you the most money? Or what if it’s not easy to make sales? Or what if it’s not time leveraged?

Ask yourself why it makes you the most money and you’ll have your next step.

My mastermind is great because it’s a one-time sale and but I receive payments from each participant for ten months. I don’t have to sell it over and over again. It also happens to be heavy on coaching which means less intense content creation for me. And coaching is the favorite part of my business.


In my case, I could focus on doing bigger masterminds or offer an additional one each year to generate easy money. Once a year I implement several marketing strategies to get the word out about my masterminds. Some of them are time intensive. And to complicate things, the way I filled my mastermind two years ago is different than what I did last year.

However, when I examine what really made those clients say HELL YES to me, all but one had previous experience with me or we’d had a personal phone conversation. Now I have my strategy theme: offer ways for people to get a personal experience with me.

That brings us to your final questions:

•    What’s the easiest marketing strategy for people to fall in love with what I offer?

•    How have they fallen for my offerings in the past?

•    What feels fun, easy and congruent with my brand and values?

You should have a general roadmap to generate more easy money in your business once you answer these questions. The next step after that is to dive deeper into brainstorming how your marketing can be converted into more sales, using less time.

Don’t forget, this is supposed to be easy and fun. If you’re not inspired then you need to change your strategy.

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving (and inner peace seeking) entrepreneurs to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. Get access to her complimentary webinar Unlock Your Profit Code on June 17 here.


Online Marketing: The Difference Between What and How…

150789_303017839772265_126894987384552_695779_1816460421_nOnline marketing…the marketers would like you to believe that “It’s EASY, you can do it in your PJ’s!” There are a multitude of people who will tell you WHAT to do, let me summarize!

  • You shoot some videos
  • You host the videos
  • You build a landing page
  • You write some autoresponders
  • You add the facebook comments plug in
  • You set up your affiliate program
  • You integrate all of this with your shopping cart
  • You get a bunch of JV partners
  • You send out emails with educational videos
  • You build a membership site
  • You set up your automated webinar
  • You make an offer


People send you MONEY, lots and lots of MONEY!!!


Of course most of you reading this already “KNEW” all that.

It is so simple you should run out and do it…NOW!!!


The analogy that I say to my clients the what and the how are on different sides of the Grand Canyon, and it is time consuming and EXPENSIVE to figure out.

Some of the most difficult and challenging issues are what software to use things you must consider.

  • Your mailing list and auto responder system
  • Your video hosting and delivery system
  • Your landing pages
  • Your affiliate software
  • Your shopping cart (how are people going to PAY you)
  • Your membership site
  • Your automated webinar system

Remember all of these come at a variety of price points, ease of use and not all of the choices play well with one another…if any of you have started down this path you know what I am talking about!
So after spending 3 years testing, trying, failing and succeeding I have an outstanding system that WORKS!! People are registering for our programs online, our affiliates are tracked simply and easily, I have JV partners that are supporting my first BIG LAUNCH this fall. It is NOT easy but it is a BEAUTIFUL thing when what used to take 4 man hours is totally automated available 24/7 all over the world ahhh that is truly beautiful!

The universe being what it is, as all this comes to pass I have been asked over and over again to support people to put together their video series, automated webinar, affiliate systems. This is NOT my core business, nor do I want it to be my core business BUT my purpose is to accelerate the creation of peoples dreams and desires it does not feel right to have accumulated this experience and expertise and not share it.

I discussed this with my friend and partner Amy and we came up with a brilliant idea even if I must say so myself ; )

So we designed:

The Online Business Breakthrough: You Know The What, Here’s The HOW!

In this weekend we actually build step by step, a landing page, an educational video funnel, an automated webinar, we fully integrate a shopping cart, set up an affiliate program, write the auto responders and set strategy for a social media campaign.

Please understand WE BUILD IT LIVE!! And you can participate at one of three levels.

1) Do It Yourself aka Watch and Learn: $1,997 

NOTE:  This is a BONUS for anyone who purchases the JV insider before Monday June 10th at Midnight! Check out the JV Insider HERE!

a. The Architecture of online marketing sequences/strategies

i.     List building

   ii.     Educational Video Funnels

iii.     Automated webinars

iv.     Social Media blueprint

b. You will gain behind the scenes access and SEE EXACTLY the steps to create a kick ass landing page
c. You will understand the critical elements in choosing your software platforms
d. Experience what it is like to shoot video in a studio setting
e. Discover the fastest and easiest way to build a membership site
f. How to set up a shopping cart and integrate the affiliate module

You can purchase “Do It Yourself” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Do It Yourself” in 3 Monthly Payments

2) Do It With Us: $4997

a. Attend the Course and get all of the above PLUS
b. We set up FOR YOU!

i. Automated Webinar

1. Banner
2. Support with the PPT
3. Scripting and Structure
4. Custom hosting
5. Personalized domain

ii. Shopping cart integration (Max 2 products and 2 payment options)

1. Affiliate system
2. Autoresponder

c. You leave with a working automated webinar with built in offer and means of collecting payment. NOTE: This require additional coaching and consulting PRIOR to the weekend.

You can purchase “Do It With Us” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Do It With Us” in 3 Monthly Payments

3) Done For You! $14,997

a. Attend the course and receive EVERYTHING in the previous 2 packages PLUS
b. Educational Video Funnel

• Landing page (artwork/video/ programming/integration with shopping cart/facebook comments
• Max of 3 – 15 min videos including offer video (Scripting, shooting, editing, compressing hosting)
• Affiliate integration with shopping cart

c. Online membership site set up and structured to be included as part of the offer(s)
Note: This package requires extensive coaching and consulting both BEFORE AND AFTER the weekend and requires a significant time commitment from the client. Regarding the online shopping cart you must qualify for CC processing on your own.

You can purchase “Get It Done For You” here in 1 Single Payment. or
“Get It Done For You” in 3 Monthly Payments

The Online Business Breakthrough: You Know The What, Here’s The HOW!

Is an intimate, hands on HIGHLY interactive experience. If you have been working in this area, perhaps you have taken a “what to do” course like “Experts Academy” or something similar and are ready to REALLY DO IT, this weekend is for you.

Please know that the watch and learn level is open to anyone, the other spots are by interview only, you MUST be ready. If you are interested in a done with you, or done for you package please email Jay and we will set a time for a discovery session and see if you are ready to “GET IT DONE!”

I look forward to supporting you to get the “right ladder against the right wall”.

In service,

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End of an Era…Beginning of a Movement!

ImageWell tonight we have an auspicious event.

It is the last event in our building in Calgary Alberta.

This building has amazing memories…not just for me but for the thousands of people who had awakenings, transformations and relationships that were created in this space.

It seems quite perfect that we are on Pillar 5 of the Creator’s Code “I live a life of abundance, generosity and celebration” and tonight we get to celebrate the events, experiences and results of the past 20 years.  So if you are in the area come by tonight to enjoy some wine, cheese, old friends, new friends and share what YOU created in “the building”.

If you spent time in that building what did you experience?

  • Found the love of your life
  • Let go of old limiting beliefs
  • Met life long friends
  • Healed old wounds
  • Learned to own your power
  • Created a vision for what your life would become

Out of the many life altering experiences for me the top three have to be:

1) Buying the building in 1992 and then having the financing fall apart and spending two years plus, half a step ahead of bankruptcy…now that was a learning experience!  I will tell that whole story tonight.

Wyatt Home

2) Creating my ideal vision of my life that I wrote about years before a place to live and work that fed my soul, supported my lifestyle and was a sanctuary for Cory and I.
3) Bringing Wyatt home…I will never forget that day.

In the last couple of weeks we have been getting a ton of emails and calls asking about what is next for Personal Best as they are not familiar with The Creator’s Code and all that we have been developing.

So here is the “brief” run down of what is coming next.

Personal Best has evolved into “The Creator’s Code” and we are focusing our energy on creating a global movement of conscious creators. Of course we will remain a strong presence in Calgary and Alberta as we always have and in addition we are delivering our programs all over North America and in the next 12 months the world.  In the last year we have been delivering programs and content in Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and of course here is Alberta, this is simply the natural evolution of our business shifting from a regional company to a global company.

It does mean that the seminars will not be held as regularly in Alberta as they used to be however there will be even MORE of a face to face on the ground presence with Creation Circles.  Creation Circles are professional lead personal development/mastermind/support groups that focus on living and applying the 12 pillars of The Creator’s Code.

Our primary business in the next 5 years is training and supporting existing coaches and trainers to become Creation Circle Leaders and supporting people face to face in their communities to live the pillars.

In addition we designed an amazing amount of online content and support that extends and expands our reach significantly.

Check out the following:

Our new site

A webinar where you can invite a friend for free (if you have a free ticket)

The 3 M’s of Conscious Creation

We are on a new and unique path one that will be full of twists turns I am sure.  I am excited to step into this brave new online world, reach a much broader audience and support coaches and trainers to create freedom and contribution.

If conscious creation appeals to you, then come and join our movement!

Light and love

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