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The Success Tsunami Summit


Last month I had the honor and privilege to co host an incredibly powerful tele summit with my friend and JV partner Ronnie Tsunami.  The Success Tsunami Summit (STS) is a collection of completely ROCK star speakers that focus on 5 key areas of business building:
  1. Defining your Business
  2. Building Credibility
  3. Increasing Visibility
  4. Capturing Leads
  5. Generating Sales
These fundamentals are vital to ALL business people regardless of where you are at in your business development going back to the basics will always support.
I know that many of my followers listened to some of the calls, but that many were missed, which is no big deal because the recording and transcripts are now available for $97
Also please take a moment to check out the other offers as Ronnie and I are also creating an outstanding LIVE event in Myrtle Beach this summer, that will focus on many more tribe and business building speakers and resources.  You can get a phenomenal early bird ticket NOW!
I want to put in perspective the quality of the content in these interviews. Just one of the interviews I did was with a friend of mine Justin Livingston, a brilliant marketer and quite likely one of the best Facebook advertisers anywhere!  I can tell you for sure that what he shares is worth FAR MORE than the $97 upgrade, in fact using exactly what he taught I make $6000 in 12 days on Facebook!
So please take a moment check out the STS and upgrade to get all of this life and business altering info for you to consume at your convenience.
PS I look forward to seeing you in Myrtle Beach ; )
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The Power of Practice

Image 7Happy New Year to you and yours!  Here we are January again and we are focusing on Pillar One of The Creator’s Code Personal Accountability.
So this is just a short note to invite you to a Google Hangout today, where I will be interviewed my by friend Lisa Engles on her show The Power of Practice.
The episode is called “How To Use Personal Accountability To Supercharge Your New Years Resolutions” 
Join LIsa and I on Google Hangouts by clicking here.
Lisa’s description of the show:
What if you could dump years of shame, blame and guilt and finally claim the health, wealth and happiness you desire and deserve in 2014?
Just about every personal development coach will tell you that if you really want to experience a quantum leap, you need to be personal accountability.In this episode of The Power of Practice, I’ll be interviewing Jay Fiset,  bestselling author of Reframe Your Blame: How to Be Personally Accountable.  Jay will blast the myths of accountability and share how you can harness personal accountability to supercharge your New Years Resolutions.
It is only 20 minutes, it will be a ton of fun and a GREAT way to start 2014!
PS: I know formatting is a bit odd on this post, it seems to be something is up with wordpress.  Come watch the interview anyway ; )

The Power of Support

truehappinessRecently I was reviewing an experience I had of sharing a mastermind weekend with 8 other high level entrepreneurs from all over North America in the mountains of Colorado.  It was a phenomenal weekend where I learned (or remembered again) that allowing and accepting support is the most significant key to my growth and evolution.

What is interesting to me is that big picture, I am pretty good, I might even say pretty great, at creating support.  In fact, my business is one of those rare business that has such support from past clients that 95% + of all clients are referred and many of our clients actually volunteer their time on course support teams.

What I learned is true for me is that my acceptance of support has been quite narrowly defined, on my terms, and often primarily only related to business, mechanics, and things that are important, yet still somewhat distant from ME.

Support, like everything, has levels of understanding and application. My task is to look more consciously at inviting and allowing support of me, not just business mechanics.  The kind of support that feeds my soul, support that is congruent with my highest levels of contribution. What is it that would support me to take my next step in evolution?  What type of environments, physical, mental, emotion and spiritual would support me most?

These are fascinating questions to me, and I know that I am not alone.  In The Creator’s Code Courses, support, specifically the lack of support in life, is an issue that gets in the way of untold experiences and opportunities.  Regardless of your experience of support I will bet that your life, like mine, would benefit dramatically from stepping it up!

So on that note, here are some questions that have assisted me:

  • How do I define support?
  • What are my beliefs about support?
  • What is my experience of asking for support?
  • What is my experience of allowing support?
  • What life areas am I great at creating and accepting support?
  • What life areas do I block or hinder support?
  • What would increased inviting and allowing of support create?
  • What areas of life do you require greater support?

On a side note, one of the most entertaining aspects of this insight about support is that for the past 18 months The Creator’s Code has been dedicating the vast majority of its energy to improving customer service and providing powerful long term support for our clients.  It never ceases to amaze me that life and business mirror each other.

If you recognize that support could make a difference in your life I encourage you to check out our latest development The Gift is coming to Kelowna and we are offering the 3 day Transformation Program for FREE get yourself registered by visiting

A huge part of allowing and inviting support is expressing gratitude so I wish to say Thank You to everyone in my life who has supported me in that past, and thanks in advance to all friends new and old who will participate in the next chapters in my life.

I look forward to taking another step to integrate the incredible resource of support that I have and I invite you to do the same.

PS: Here is another free resource, to help you consciously direct your focus and energy.

Jay Fiset

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You Are Invited!

Well day one of The Conscious Creation Telesummit is DONE, Yahoo!!

It was really strong and you can listen to the summit intro and vision setting here.

The quality of content and the brilliant speakers will WOW you : )

If you want the recordings to fast track your creation and refer back to for the next year you can see our upgrades here.

Tomorrow is Pillar 2 ” I Create More Than I Consume”


Generosity and Brilliance

Image 5I have been packed the last 2 weeks finalizing speakers, doing pre interviews and designing offers and doing my best to completely PACK The Conscious Creation Tele-summit with fascinating speakers and thought leaders, TONS of value, and support that will really transform peoples lives.

If I must say so myself myself and my team Tara Phelps and Lance Rath have done a phenomenal job!  Thanks you two I really appreciate all you late hours and willingness to go above and beyond!

I also want to express my gratitude for our amazing speakers for their time, contribution amazing generosity and all round brilliance! In no particular order:

Derek Rydall, Eva Gregory, Morgana Rae, Chelsea Coghill. LIsa Cherney, Bill Stafford, Jeanna Gabellini, Andrea Thiessen, John Eggen, Callan Rush, Aurora Winter, Christian Mickelsen, Lisa Turner, Ann Webb, Lynn Fiset, Melanie & Doug Nelson, Christine Kloser, Lissa Rankin, Lars Gustafsson.  Each of you remind of this beautiful quote.

‎”The masters in the art of living make little distinction between their work and play, their labor and their love, their minds and their bodies, their information, their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which; they simply pursue their vision of excellence at whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.” — James Michener

If I miss anyone as we are making a ton of last minute changes and adjustments, please know it is an honest mistake!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all who have supported and participated in the first annual Conscious Creation Tele Summit.