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My BEST Business Decision in The Last 12 Months

Me on the Shark Tank panel at the Joint Venture Experience!

Me on the Shark Tank panel at the Joint Venture Experience!

I have been asked by several people in the past few days if I thought that joining The Joint Venture Insider Circle (JVIC) was a good move and did it help my business.

Well simply put it is arguably the best decision I have made in the past 12 months for my business.

That sounds like a big and potentially exaggerated claim, but it is true. Let me put some details around it.

First of all I was in the room at Christian Mickelsen’s JV mastermind event in San Diego when Rich and Milana announced that they were starting the JVIC, it did not exist yet, it was nothing more than a brilliant idea, one of those ideas that I wish I had thought of!

I immediately agreed to support the JVIC, promote the JVIC and PARTICIPATE in the JVIC, because I knew the time, the cost and the difficulty of creating powerful JV’s.  This was a no brainer solution!

The real tangible results that I have created in the 12 months of participating in the JVIC is greater than the previous 2 years combined at and a TINY FRACTION of the cost!  I am talking strong 6 figure returns on a few thousand dollar investment.  The ROI is outrageous.

Think about it, if you could invest $2,000 and earn $100,000 would you find $2,000??


That is my reality of JVIC, I believe if you really did the work, built the relationship it could be your reality as well.

1 year later I am still an active member of the JVIC, I am supporting their current membership drive (note: it is only open for new members twice a year) and I am such a believer that I am offer bonuses worth $2,500 to people who register through me.

The 6 Pillars of Business Models that WORK! $497

This program provides the BIG PICTURE of designing
your business. How all the pieces fit together, think
of it as the architectural design of your business.
STOP BUYING TACTICS, design your strategy FIRST!

The Online Business Breakthrough Weekend $1,997

This live in person WORKSHOP helps you put all the
pieces together to be JV ready. shopping carts,
affiliate programs, funnel design, automated
webinars. Plus much much more. This weekend is
the HOW not just the what.

Both of these bonuses will support you to MAXIMIZE
what you learn and the JV opportunities that you
will have as a part of The Joint Venture Insider Circle.

Come join us, in 12 months you too will say it was the best
business decision you made all year!

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PS: I case you think I am exaggerating, I thought I would put a partial list of the people I have done Joint Ventures with through JVIC.

  1. Rich German
  2. Milana Leshinsky
  3. Loral Langemeier
  4. Alex Mandossian
  5. Karen Evelyn
  6. Fia-Lynn Crandall
  7. Callan Rush
  8. Ronnie Tsunami
  9. Lori Dean
  10. Joe Pei
  11. Ana Loiselle
  12. Justin Livingston
  13. Lisa Cherney
  14. Sage Levine
  15. Jennifer Beale

This is just off the top of my head, it is a small fraction of the amazing relationships I have created…and so can you!

Click the link, check it out, take me up on my outstanding bonuses. Mark in your calendar 12 months from now to shoot me an email and let me know if it was the best business decision you made in the past year.

I will bet I will be right!

Focus on the Easy Money

This article really spoke to me…as many of you know I have had tendency to do things the HARD WAY, I know there are “so few“of us who have that approach, that I thought I would share this with you.  Jeanna is a brilliant coach with a strong personal transformation grounding who I really admire.  Check her out.  Jay

Guest Blog Post by Jeanna Gabellini

I used to have a bad habit of creating new ways to generate money every month. None of my new offerings had earth-shattering results, but that didn’t stop me from trying to reinvent the wheel. Apparently, I didn’t notice the pattern of working hard for little ROI.

I know many highly creative entrepreneurs who have similar issues. But then there’s the bunch that never tries anything new and they’re overworked and underpaid, too.
In my case, it’s my high-level mastermind programs and private coaching clients.Sometimes it takes a simple question to wake you up and be smart about how you increase your profits. The question that always works for me is, “Where does most of my money come from?” (Make sure you actually look at your bookkeeping reports before you answer.)


at about you?

Another great question to ask yourself is, “What’s the easiest way I make money?”

Now the obvious way to use this information is to focus your energy on the things that you make the most money in the easiest way. But what if you don’t enjoy the thing that makes you the most money? Or what if it’s not easy to make sales? Or what if it’s not time leveraged?

Ask yourself why it makes you the most money and you’ll have your next step.

My mastermind is great because it’s a one-time sale and but I receive payments from each participant for ten months. I don’t have to sell it over and over again. It also happens to be heavy on coaching which means less intense content creation for me. And coaching is the favorite part of my business.


In my case, I could focus on doing bigger masterminds or offer an additional one each year to generate easy money. Once a year I implement several marketing strategies to get the word out about my masterminds. Some of them are time intensive. And to complicate things, the way I filled my mastermind two years ago is different than what I did last year.

However, when I examine what really made those clients say HELL YES to me, all but one had previous experience with me or we’d had a personal phone conversation. Now I have my strategy theme: offer ways for people to get a personal experience with me.

That brings us to your final questions:

•    What’s the easiest marketing strategy for people to fall in love with what I offer?

•    How have they fallen for my offerings in the past?

•    What feels fun, easy and congruent with my brand and values?

You should have a general roadmap to generate more easy money in your business once you answer these questions. The next step after that is to dive deeper into brainstorming how your marketing can be converted into more sales, using less time.

Don’t forget, this is supposed to be easy and fun. If you’re not inspired then you need to change your strategy.

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving (and inner peace seeking) entrepreneurs to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. Get access to her complimentary webinar Unlock Your Profit Code on June 17 here.


My Response to a Request for Support

I am just learning my way around linked in, and i am enjoying the groups far more than I would have thought.  Making real connections with real people and I look forward to contributing in far greater ways.

I thought I would share a brief exchange about building a coaching business.

This is a great example of if you are willing to give you can create a tribe and following easily!


RACHEL  • Jay, I wrote you a long message, but then realized that perhaps I should just go ahead and lay it all out here for the good of others who are in the same place.

So here’s what I sent you. A private reply to any of this is great, as is a public exchange.

I’ve spent a little time on your website, and I think I’m getting a better idea of how it is you generate the kind of revenue you do. It seems like you’re operating on a large scale–lots of products, programs, webinars, services…how does one person do so much?

I would absolutely LOVE to do public speaking, workshops, seminars…and I know the importance of having a product to sell, but feel like I barely have time to write decent articles. But I’m a bit of a purest and don’t want to outsource things like blog entries and articles.

I network a lot, have a website/use AdWords/FB and twitter, and I have a profile on one referral network….it has become clear to me in a VERY short period of time that this is not my ticket to a thriving practice.

I’m less than 60 days into my own business, and I have one client. Some fellow entrepreneurs are impressed with me, but it’s not enough for me on any level–financially, professionally, emotionally. It seems unfathomable to me that I could go from one client to making six figures in 6 months…I would be thrilled to make $30K inside a year. I do NOT believe in thinking small, but I think I am acting small.

I’m looking forward to what you will share in the forum or with me personally (when your schedule clears a bit, of course). I know that none of us works for free, so while I don’t expect you to give me all your secrets for nothing, I would be so grateful for a hint, a clue, a nudge in the right direction!


Jay Fiset • Part 1

Hey Rachel, I finally have a bit of space to respond, I am happy to help as A) I have been there and B) there are far too many talented and capable coaches out there struggling.

The topic of business building is huge and will take a few posts to do any sort of justice to but here goes with the headlines.

1) Design a business MODEL that works, I truly believe that most coaches are doomed to fail (or at least substantial struggle) by not designing a real business model. Getting some training/certification and printing cards and getting a website is NOT a business model.

No one would dream of building a house without hiring an architect or draftsman to design and draw what will be built, based on how it will be used, who and how many people will live there and what they want their relationship to their environment to be.

Yet every month all over the world new coaches are certified and sent into the world to “print their cards and get their website up and running” it is almost like a ritual to prepare the virgin for sacrifice at the alter. Ok I am getting a bit mellow dramatic but it is not far off the mark. The % of success in this business is not great considering all of the gifted talented and caring people that are attracted to it.

BTW Rachel, the fact that you are new to this can be a significant advantage, you only have one client you have time to create a model that works for you. One of the big issues is that many people become marginally successful with a full one on one practice and then do not have the time to actually build a business they are too busy servicing clients and hitting their head on the ceiling of to make more $$ I must work more hours and there is no time for business building they are just stuck in delivery using a model that traps and limits them.

So on to what to do about this I firmly believe that investing on the development and perfecting (as much as possible LOL) a business model is the most significant job of any entrepreneur so lets start there.

The 6 basic business model elements are as follows:
1) Lead Generation: The MOST COMPLEX and the area that seems most ignored or at least poorly strategized by most coaches.
2) Conversion: You must have a system for filtering the right clients, creating TRUST and INTIMACY, this is one of the major differences is in our business exists “traditional marketing” does not address trust and intimacy to the degree necessary to make conversion easy.
3) Delivery: This is the easiest part of the model, so ouch so that most coaches get caught here…it is a trap, BEWARE!!!
4) Continuity: Your clients need long term support and you need consistent income, so what will your long term offering be that provides both? You work far to hard and long to create a client put them on something consistent. Think memberships, consumables, ongoing education.

Jay Fiset • Part 2

* Ladder of ascension: You MUST have different product offerings at different price points from low $$ digital products to high end premium one on one coaching, and do not space the rungs on the ladder to far apart. over and over I see people trying to jump from a free downloadable ebook to a $2500 coaching program. It can work, but it will be easier if there was a closer rung like a $497 intro.

* Viral coefficient: While this is #6 it is actually a process that must be embedded into every single other element of your model and if you can do it well, you will have a business machine that literally generates leads for you. If you can get to 1.4 VC your business will grow exponentially!! This means that for every client you acquire they deliver to you1.4 more people. It is doable but MUST be designed into your model.

These elements must be considered within the context of these 2 vital filters

* How much do I want to earn/create/contribute

* How much do I want to work

When a business model is structured properly, you can choose how many clients at what price point and press the gas peddle of your business to create clients and CASH!

This is a BRIEF outline but I hope it helps. I wrote this for Rachel, but I am open to any feedback, comments and questions from anyone.

I am off to Vegas for a couple of speaking engagements.

I will respond as soon as I am able.

If you what more info or to follow me check out.


RACHEL • Wow…this is a lot of priceless information. My wheels are turning at full speed. It makes perfect sense, and especially having products at different price points–no doubt that makes conversion easier. I’m woefully behind on all six of these aspects of the business plan. Suddenly my business plan (albeit more comprehensive than business cards and a website) seems like something scratched on a cocktail napkin! Thank you for sharing your knowledge about how to get started right…and you are absolutely right about my having an opportunity to get things in place before I get bogged down by too many clients at too low a fee. You really went the extra mile in sharing this kind of information, and I am very grateful.

Good luck in Vegas. 🙂

Check Out This Amazing Resource (& Get $2000 in FREE Gifts TODAY!)

Many of you know that I am a big fan of Doug and Melanie Nelson of CatchFire U. Doug’s New book Catch Fire Hot to Create Your Own Economy” is an outstanding kick in the butt for anyone interested in financial freedom. I got an early edition of the book and I totally love it, in fact so much that Catch Fire and I have been doing work together for about 6 months now and I can tell you that they are simply the best joint venture partner’s I have ever had!

Some of you know that I have been a proponent of entrepreneurship and have long believed and taught that we can ALL be FINANCIALLY FREE! Well this book will teach you how. It is simply written and full of practical ideas and tools that you can apply NOW!

Today is the official release and if you buy the book today you will get $2000 of perks, some of them from me, that is how much I believe in this book, Doug and Melanie and their mission.

If you only read one book for the rest of this year read Catch Fire: How To Ignite Your Own Economy! Assuming you have already read mine ; )

Create and enjoy your financial freedom!


Clear, Complete, CREATE!

I worked last night until 3am on the Creation Circle Leader launch (very exciting to me!)  It has been a long time since I have worked that late into the night, and the truth is that I actually really enjoy late night “Creation Marathons”  There was a time in my life where I would say that some of my best work was done some time between midnight and 2:30 am.

However for the past year with our new arrival Jaxson, if I am up late it is usually feeding and taking care of the little man.  An act of love and creation for sure, but not the kind of late night productivity I was used to ; )

I am ready Dad!

Anyway last night at about 2 am I was in the midst of bliss, flow, creation and I just stopped to appreciate the SPACE I had to create, I was overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude for peace and quiet, my beautiful home, my sleeping family, living in Canada, my freedom to create my life and on and on and on.

Anyway the experience reminded me of a program I created earlier this year that I know can help you create what is most important in your life. Called “Clear, Complete Create”  This is a foundational webinar so  set some time aside, brew a cup of tea and get ready to CREATE!

Enjoy and please comment below as well.



“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” Deepak Chopra