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The Power of Owning YOUR Story!

footer-shotI have been very busy preparing for Mastermind to Millions Live and something I always love to do is provide sneak peaks of who is speaking and the content that they will share with us.

So here is a great interview with Ted McGrath 

Check it out.  He hits one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT elements of perfect positioning right on the head 🙂

See you in Vegas!


The Problems With Mastermind Groups

“The YIAH Launch Your Business Strategy Sessions”

Growing-Your-BusinessHere are all the links to the recordings of the coaching calls:

 9) Magnetic Attraction of Authenticity  This is NOT complete, the recording was cut short when the internet cut out.
) Leveraging Your Sales
11) Yes, No but Never a Maybe
12) Excuses Be Gone

Masterminds – Creating Participation


Masterminds – Are They REALLY Worth Your Time?

This is the first is a series of videos about my current favorite topic, Masterminds and Mastermind groups.

This was shot at Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, at one of the best Mastermind events I have been to in years.