What Happens in The Gift?

You KNOW You Want To!

You KNOW You Want To!

Lately I have been really thinking deeply about how to better communicate the value of The Gift.  It is one of the most personal and intimate experiences in the universe, the exploration of us as individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and evolution.

So to help communicate the breadth and depth of the process i decided to use the notes of thanks and gratitude to begin to explore what people create by participating in The Gift.
There are a multitude of specific results that graduates have created from saving marriages, to selling everything buying a sailboat and traveling the world, to making millions, to coming “out” to family and friends, launching businesses, starting bands…you name it.  the specific stories are powerful and inspiring.

There is a golden thread that runs through all of the stories and the work that The Creator’s Code does.  This golden thread is speaks to the very core of what it means to be a human being.
This thread is made up of a multitude of finer strands each woven together leads to 3 key ways of BEING.

The first is an ongoing process of discovery and (re)claiming of self
The second is the courage to risk, that which once stops people not longer does
The third is greater presence and engagement in life instead of going 60 or 80% of capacity grads dedicate themselves to Consciously CREATE!!
In short:


Here is an example.

A few years ago, a man came into The Gift with a significant to sever stutter.
Imagine this as a difficulty in your life, there more stressed you get, the more important it is to communicate…the more difficult it becomes.  At times to the point of not possible.

To aggravate the situation further imagine the frustration of KNOWING that there are times that you do not stutter at all. times when you can speak fluently and eloquently with ease….just not now.

For context it is important to note that one of the GREATEST fears that human beings have is public speaking, consider how that would be magnified if you had a sever stutter.

In The Gift Don threw himself into the process, participated in everything with energy and dedication, in so doing he discovered and claimed parts of himself that had laid dormant for years, the power of play, his sense of humor and how much he deeply cared for people.

Through this process, magic happened his willingness to risk grew exponentially he developed COURAGE, his attachment and concern to others judgments, his fear of failure diminished to the degree that he spoke in front of the large group multiple times  and at times had great difficulty communicating what he wanted to say…yet he stood clear grounded and powerful in his intention to communicate who he is and what is most important to him.  He was a powerful role model and leader in his course.

This is note that Don sent me recently, it brought a smile to my face. I remembered vividly him standing up in front of 50 people struggling to make himself heard.


“Hi Jay, it has been awhile since I chatted with you. This morning when I was speaking in Toastmasters Club, I was thinking that my life has changed since the Personal Best program. The journey since then has been incredible. I have just qualified for the Triple Crown award for this year. I have competed in 2 speech contests, and have won all the way to the division level. I am preparing for the speech contest again in March. I have been so blessed to have you and another mentor/coach.”

Now I can see him clearly in front of a room presenting at toastmasters.  Clearly claiming his power, being courageous and creating the life he desires and deserves.

Don I am proud of you and happy for you!

Thanks for sending me the note.

With love and deep respect for you and your journey.
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