I know, I know, last minute preparations, gifts, family calls, play dates for kids, cleaning up things that MUST be done in 2013.  It can be difficult to raise our heads and create REAL VISION for our lives in the upcoming year.

So I have a gift for you, one of the most important in the universe:

  • Time for YOU
  • Time to evaluate the year that has just been
  • Time to CONSCIOUSLY set intention and create vision for your next year
  • Time to interpret and apply the key lessons of your life
  • Time to make sure that those recurring patterns that you are done with DO NOT SHOW UP IN 2014!

This gift is a process that I have been doing each and every year for over 20 years and I know that is has been fundamental in increasing my willingness to risk, my willingness to  learn from my mistakes and REALLY leverage my wins.

The Annual Assessment..I know killer title, (my friend Kerrianne would totally make fun of me)  but don’t let the name fool you it is a powerful process that I view as one of the most important rituals of my life.

The key to me about this process is simple.

Most people relive and recreate the same fundamental experiences over and over and over again! The reason generally speaking is simply this we as human beings are not that good at actually learning from our past, and our unconscious embedded resistance patterns attract and recreate the same types of people, circumstances, situations and choices that we have been making for most of our lives.

The fundamental law of resistance is this: Resistance breeds resistance, What you resist persists, what you resist over time you become! Simply put until we deal with our resistance and the unconscious beliefs that trigger resistance we are trapped to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

My gift and invitation to  you here is a simple yet powerful process to actually learn from your experience of the past year and consciously APPLY those lessons to your life this year!

Truly learning from the past is one of the most powerful ways to break the patterns of resistance in our lives. So lets get to it!

This year I am doing a free seminar on google hangouts that will share the process. The event is on boxing day evening  and it steps you through each step and stage of my annual ritual.

Register here.

This process is powerful and it works. Take the time to make sure that 2014 is all that you want it to be. You deserve it!

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