The Gift, Questions & Answers

574674_463407837013566_1249714812_nI am really excited for tonight!

Because tonight I get answer questions about The Creator’s Code outstanding introductory program “The Gift”.

This month we have a packed schedule virtually from coast to coast in Canada.  Kelowna BC, Halifax, NS and Calgary AB.

Some of the questions that have been posted that I will be answering:

  • What makes The Gift different from other programs?
  • What are the common results that participants create?
  • I am most interested in building my business, will this help or is it all touchy feely?
  • I have done weekends in the past and fallen flat after…Is there support after the program?

Please join us for tonights live webinar Registration is at this link :

What would YOU like to know about The Gift? Ask your questions in the comments below and I will answer as many as I can in the hour we have together!

Looking forward to being of service!

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