Eckhart Tolle’s New Movie Milton’s Secret

Are you interested in supporting conscious messages in mainstream media?  I have been passionate about it since I created the television series “It’s your Life Live it!” over 15 years ago. I believe it is more important today than ever!

If you share my perspective (less violent videos games and more heart centered consciousness) here is a major motion picture project that I think you will LOVE!!

My friend Barnet Bain, movie producer, radio show host and fellow member of ATL (The Association of Transformational Leaders) is producing this movie with Eckhart, it is being shot on Vancouver Island and will be a beautiful film.

I was lucky enough to read the script in advance and I know that they will execute it in a soulful and authentic way.

They are producing the film independently and are raising money through Indiegogo.  Please check out the site, and contribute, every little bit helps and you can ever participate in the film or at the red carpet premieres.

Thank for considering this and please vote with your dollars to support movies and messages of this kind in main stream media!

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