Are You Ready to Create?

I was given as assignment from my coach to really target the people that I want in our new Creation Circles.  I started writing and with the help of the amazing Jessica Belbin this is what I came up with.

If you have EVER had a transformative experience please read this and comment if it resonates with you and your experience. Thanks in advance.
You have had a transformative experience in your life. In other words that: ‘life changing event’, a moment of Self-Realization, an “Ah-Ha moment”, the light bulb came on, Holy shit, breath stealing, Experience of Truth… moment.

Through this moment and afterwards you re-realized your Self Worth and as a result stopped reaching for the bag of Doritos (chips, cookies, ice cream, smokes, and / or glass of… watching late-night T.V. (porn on your lap top, shopping to fill the void, filling your day with ‘to do’s’, consistently satisfying everyone else first, Googling your life away) AND INSTEAD decided you were worth speaking your heart, being who you really are and doing the things in life YOU actually, truly WANTED to do.

After this moment, for at least a while and maybe still:

You dedicated yourself to growing…

You kept your momentum….

You achieved successes beyond what you ever thought possible…

You committed to your ongoing journey…

Yahoo! – (insert back flips here) – That f***ing rocks, and you deserve acknowledgement for that!

But then perhaps, and often enough, comes ‘The Gap’.

What is ‘The Gap’?
You know very well what the gap is. You wish you didn’t, but you do.

It’s the place of no longer playing the small game you used to play. But you sure as hell are not playing the game that is possible, you are not even close to living the life you can be, do and have. You know this because you saw it, you lived it for a while, then it fell away. But you can’t see a way to achieve the life you KNOW that you can have. This uncomfortable, frustrating, depressing, trapped, heavy, painful place has led to feelings of ‘blaming them’ or ‘blaming yourself’ or for a few- ‘no blame, but damn this is slow’…

The true crime with these perceptions is that they mortally wound your capacity to create. Choosing these perspectives breeds resistance and casts you in the darkness and stagnation of victimization. They are choices that lead to you selling yourself on some version of settling into your ‘life of less’. The Truth Hurts…

Are you still hurting?
Or have you gone numb?

This is where most people stay stuck, between Self-blame victim:
“What’s wrong with me?” or “I suck because everyone else seems to get what they want but I can’t.” and External blame victim: “That organization, course, facilitator, book, info product, etc. took advantage of me and sold me something that doesn’t work in the real world.” or “I’ve tried my best with it. It just doesn’t work.” But lets make no mistake about it, both positions are victim.

A lucky few actually get to a spot of personal accountability, they get to live their dreams, lose weight, start families, run a successful business…

But often, even there, it feels like its going at a snails pace. It takes some time for our reality to catch up with our glimpse of our transformed self.

So we know you. We see you. Our heart goes out to you. That glimpse you had can be real… You just need a different approach! Transformation is not a program, it is not a course, it is not your 6 month series with your personal coach, it’s not your audios on your ipod and it is not all of your shelf help books.

At the Creators Code we know it does not really matter what course(s) you have taken, what journey to Machu Picchu, Nepal, etc. you have done, what guru you have touched, etc. Because..

We know that these are all just different paths to the same destination, which is acknowledging that:

You are a creator. You are a divine reflection of God. A spark of spirit. A part of the Universe. You have the capacity to create and sustain that transformation for yourself, you family, your community and yes, ultimately the world.

You are here for a reason. There is something within you that you are called to create and it’s long past due.

Your tribe is calling, are you coming?

If you are in ‘The Gap’, you are there simply because the elements for guaranteeing success are not in your life and you probably did not know what they were.

Real transformation takes 3 things in addition to your transformative experience(s) – The elements are stunningly simple but incredibly elusive: The three R’s Relate, Reframe, repeat.

Reframe your way of thinking: In case you haven’t noticed this is impossible to do while you are stuck in your own gap. It’s like being trapped in a box and the instructions for how to get out are on the outside, someone has to come along and read them to you and help you get out.

Relate: When in the gap, we attract people that reinforce our current experience and those beliefs that we have had since we were 3 years old (and again in case you haven’t noticed, that is not helping). What is required to sustain change is surrounding yourself with people who get and believe in your vision in yourself and your life. People who have walked the path and done it before you and people who look to you for inspiration and whom you step up to support. That is the way.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!. Neuro-Science says it takes hearing something 7 times before the neural network can even hold the idea or the possibility. But that is probably 100,000 times less than what is necessary to translate that idea into a real, tangible, sustained experience or result in your life. How many times have the messages of ‘small you’ been repeated? One of the single largest benefits of your Creation Circle is they will repeat to you over and over ‘You can’, ‘You deserve this’, ‘Its time you came here to create this’, and perhaps most importantly going back to relate ‘We’ll help!

All of these elements are what you will find in your Creation Circle!

There is no end point. There is no ‘straight line’ that anyone stays on. The truth is… the more growth, ‘ah-has’ and ‘Holy shit’ moments on the journey – the better.

Live a life of continuous purpose, clarity and contribution.


Perhaps your pride says it’s impossible. Your experience says it’s risky. Your intellect says it’s pointless. But your heart says give it a try. Participating in a Creation Circle amplifies the Whisper of your Heart.
Step into (again) the magic and flow of creation! You know that within you there is SOMETHING that YOU MUST CREATE. You know with cellular certainty there is something within you that given the right environment, the correct support, the appropriate space YOU WILL MANIFEST YOUR HEARTS DESIRES:

Why Now?

• Really? Have you looked around the world lately?
• Better yet…

• Pause…
• Wait…
• Breathe…

Listen to the Whisper of your Heart …