Questions You Must Answer…Self Awareness Activity (Book Excerpt)

Here is an excerpt of my best selling book “Reframe Your Blame, How To Be Personally Accountable” It is an activity that from my perspective is a BASELINE of personal awareness that all of us MUST have. Answer the questions, if this topic is of interest to you, you can still register for Personal Best Level One a 3 day transformational workshop FREE (until the end of day January 3rd 2011).


Activity – Self Awareness
Here are some self-awareness questions. (If any of these questions are tough or too difficult for you to answer, then you have work to do, because these questions hardly scratch the surface of leading a conscious life.)

What are your three most significant limiting beliefs?



What are your three most supportive beliefs?



What is the most significant payoff you get for your re-curring negative patterns?

How do you take care of yourself?




What is your motivation to take care of yourself in those ways?

Are you in debt? What does that say about you and your belief system?

Is your job or career in alignment with your life pur-pose?

What are your spiritual beliefs? Can you articulate them? Do you live your life in alignment with them?

What is your life mission?

The answers to these questions can transform your life…are you ready?

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