Clear, Complete and Create

Well another year is winding up and as usual I am in the midst of reviewing my year and strategizing about 2011.

For the last couple of years I have been starting a new “tradition” in addition to my annual assessment (a very cool process that I will be doing for the first Inner Circle Mastery Evening of the year). My new tradition is designed to wrap up the end of the year to the best of my abilities and create HUGE momentum into the first quarter of the next year.

Simple put it is called:

Clear, Complete and CREATE!!

These three easy steps are deceptively powerful and when woven together with a meaningful strategy can be a complete game changer. A true TSN turning point!

So I am going to provide the basic overview of the program here.

The overall grounding and purpose.

All of us have a variety of projects, conversations, business deals that are incomplete, have loose ends or that are otherwise waiting for an action or a decision to let it go.

Each of these consumes our energy, creates static and misdirected our time and resources all the while diminishing our capacity to create the lives we deserve and desire. In the language of “Getting Thing Done” each of these are “Open Loops” and each open loop keeps us from creating our ideal lives.

By consciously clearing and completing we can manifest a powerful space to CREATE!

Step one, CLEAR!
The first thing that we must do is get all of the information out of our heads and hearts. The truth is that most of us do not really know how much STUFF is actually incomplete in out lives and worlds. Only one way to get it out and that is to start writing.

I have developed a cool process for this that assists with the psychology of clearing, but please know that simply a list will do wonders!

Many people report simply this process does wonders to lift the fog, create energy, and direct energy.


There are 2 basic approaches to completion. The first and most obvious is simply get the task DONE! Yes this may require support, a plan and strategy but be clear it is possible to get it done and I will wager that you could get it done in a maximum of 90 days!

The second approach is quite different it is this. If this open loop is not significant to you, if it was not really your goal/task/desire…then simply LET IT GO!

Now letting it go itself often requires a process itself, a formal agreement, a ritual a way of truly letting your belief system release the task or idea.

Again I have developed some simple yet powerful processes to accomplish exactly that. What you need to know that you must complete these outstanding issues or they will consume your capacity to truly create!

Step 3 CREATE!!
This is to me the most fun and rewarding of the 3 processes and is the rewarding culmination of clearing and completion process.

A couple of hints, even though you may be feeling energized and powerful even before your completion processes are finished do your best to NOT start the creation process as it often triggers many new “incomplete’s”. I do not want you to stop or block the creation process just be clear about your agreement with yourself as to what must be finished before you jump into something new.

Obviously there is much more to this than a couple of hundred words, such as significant insight into your belief system, understanding some of your limiting patterns and self sabotage, leveraging your greatest strengths, clarifying your mission and what is really important to YOU, just to name a few.

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