Becoming Your Clients Trusted Advisor

Ian Garlic2I got to hang out with my brilliant friend Ian Garlic in Orlando at my exclusive invite only Joint Venture event  the JVology Summit.  Ian never ceases to amaze me with his contribution, perspective and marketing insights.

He has been doing some work with my on his “Case Story” process which I will share with everyone in the next few weeks.

In the meantime Ian asked me to be a guest on his Podcast again, which of course I JUMPED at!

Our focus was a shift in consciousness that has made a huge difference for me in my businesses, which is what does it take to become my clients trusted advisor VS simply a service provider.

Check it out!


Every once in while, I meet someone who  just really want to get to know, they have an infectious laugh…they contribute and connect, they are CHANGEMAKERS!

I met Jay Wong a very cool young man who hosts a podcast called”The Inner Changemaker” he interviews an amazing range of people from billionaires like Naveen Jain to me 😉 

I am so honored to be a guest on Jay’s outstanding podcast, give it a listen 🙂

Click here to listen to “The Power of Joint Ventures & Masterminds


No, That is NOT a Mastermind!

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Masterminds – The good, the bad & the Ugly

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Open Adoption, How We Became a Family…

I am often asked about how we came to open adoption and how we manage having the birth families a part of our boys lives.

A dear friend of mine Lolly De Jonge produced a television series called Transformation to Parenthood and asked me to tell our story.

Here is the episode, our segment starts about 12 minutes in, but the entire show is well worth watching.