Executive Assistant & Joint Venture Manager (MUST BE IN CALGARY!)

dogreatworkstevejobsExecutive Assistant & Joint Venture Manager

I am an author, speaker, coach, facilitator (for over 20 years) in the midst of launching a global movement and new business model to coaches and trainers worldwide. I am looking to fill a vital and strategic role in my new organization. The right person LOVES people, is charismatic and connected AND at the same time is technologically fluent, social media engaged, and handles details as fast as they think of them.

Anyone who spends longer thinking, worrying writing the pros and cons about the details, than it would take to actually DO them, need not apply.

A personal motto of “I get shit DONE!” has the correct orientation.

The role is focused on supporting me and directing marketing efforts in a primarily “information marketing” environment, although we currently a very busy with live and in person events as well.

For the right person this job will be fun, inspiring and challenging. It will test your ability to learn, your capacity to create and it will give you front line experience in one of the fastest growing and evolving industries on planet earth. For the wrong person it will be hell, only apply if you REALLY, TRULY, FIT the profile I have done my best to describe here.

The meta skill you MUST HAVE is the ability manage to “Multiple Projects” (seriously MULTIPLE!!) at the same time and often with COMPETING resources (time, money, technical ability). You must be able to adapt to ever changing needs and information doing so smoothly easily and without fuss.

Your organizational skills must be outstanding and your job is to support and DIRECT ME, keeping your eye on deadlines, objectives and resources.

MUST be able to carry a project ACROSS THE FINISH LINE, and do so independently.

Skills and Abilities Required:

Joint Venture Management
Must be able to CREATE and nurture relationships and also filter opportunities with strategic joint venture partners, and the eye to detail to handle all paperwork, set up affiliate programs, book webinars and events, track affiliate payments and receivables, and follow up, debrief and integrate lessons into future JV projects. A coaching or training background would be beneficial.

Social Media
Must be able to manage multiple social media brands/accounts on Facebook, linked in, twitter, klout

Writing abilities are a STRONG plus, copy writing abilities even better. Blogs, emails, product launch, web text and video scripts.

Project Management
You must LOVE to organize details, resources and schedules to complete our transition to our new brand and business model. You MUST be able to see the BIG picture and understand how all the elements fit together.
1. Coaching and training schedule
2. Travel and accommodations
3. Product launches
4. Marketing campaigns
5. Information product development

All of this PLUS the ability to jump into projects already well underway and navigate the way thru to COMPLETION!

Create and Maintain Business Dashboard
To ensure that we, (You, me and the company) stay on track you will maintain update and report on a weekly basis, the key measurable.

Software and Tools:
Must be a Mac user (should have your own laptop)
This is some of the software and technology we use. The more you are familiar with the better. Please be specific in your responses WHICH you are proficient at. NOTE: We can do “some” on the job software training but it will be your responsibility to become proficient as fast as possible, primarily on your own time.

MS office
Filemaker pro
Basic HTML
Go to Webinar
Evergreen automated webinar
One shopping cart

Infusion Soft

Final cut pro/imovie (Assett but not 100% necessary)

Google Calendar

If you are ready for an amazing experience with great people that can lead to global opportunities. Please reply with resume, cover letter and specific references to your software experiences.

This is a contract position and fee will be determined by experience, ability and RESULTS. The remuneration package will be 3 parts 1) base fee 2) Overrides on Joint Ventures created/managed 3) For the right person % of the gross.

Please include your income expectations in your cover letter.

Thank you in advance for your interest, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

Email resumes to: jfiset@me.com